News Live 365 for June 27th, 2017

Record Number of Tornadoes Hit Clarion County

More touched down this year than have in the last 30.

Pittsburgh, PA –

The National Weather Service reports that Clarion County has seen more tornadoes this year than it has in the last 30. The June 19th tornado was the fifth to touch down in Clarion County this year when previously there had only been four from 1986 until 2016. Going back to 1950 there were only eight tornadoes in total in more than 55 years. Fred McMullen of the National Weather Service commented, “It’s certainly an anomaly. There’s really nothing to explain it. We don’t do the odds of such occurrences, but I’d say it’s well less than one percent of it happening like that.”

Storm season still has a couple more months to go and with lots of potentially stormy days in the forecast it seems possible that Clarion County will see even more twisters before the end of the year. So far this year none of the confirmed tornadoes rated higher than an EF0 which means that the wind speeds inside the funnel did not exceed 85 miles per hour. Most of the damage caused by these storms has been to trees and the roofs of a few barns.


Philly Woman Caught with Dope at SCI Forest

Renee Stokes attempted to smuggle synthetic drugs into the state prison facility

Marienville, PA –

Renee Stokes of Philadelphia was allegedly caught trying to smuggle drugs into the prison in Forest County. Stokes was allegedly found by prison security to be carrying two candy bar wrappers in which she had stuffed synthetic cannabinoids. After being unable to post $25,000 in bail Stokes is being held at Warren County Jail.


Hearing Waived for Child Endangerment Endangerment Case of Five Year Old Autistic Boy

Breanna Park trial date not set

Meadville, PA –

The Conneaut Lake Woman charged with endangering a five year old autistic boy on June second has waived her right to a preliminary hearing. Brianna Park was supervising the child at her trailer in North Shenango Township when he wandered outside and into a pond, he would have drowned if not found by a man and his son who saw a hand in the pond.


Erie County Council Votes on Community College Resolution

Chairman Jay Breneman expects measure to pass

Erie, PA –

The Erie County Council will vote this morning on a resolution that would open up a community college in Erie County. The Council’s Chairman Jay Beneman says the measure has the four votes needed to pass in the council and he expects it to go through. The county has secured $3.7 million to open the college if the measure is passed. News Live 365 will report on the outcome of the vote as soon as we have word of the results.


Single Car Crash Sends Unidentified Man to Hospital

Driver of Silverado was DUI and collided with workplace

Cornplanter Township, Venango County, PA –

The name of a motorist severely injured after crashing into a utility pole and a concrete wall on route 8 in Venango County is not being released by state police. We do know the driver was a 37 year old white man from Oil City who was intoxicated and was life flighted to UPMC Hamot for treatment. The driver was travelling toward North toward Rouseville on Route 8 when he lost control and collided with a utility pole and then into the wall of the Sasol plant.


Four Injured in Conneaut Lake Boating Accident

On Sunday a large wave rolled a fishing boat

Conneaut Lake, PA –

Four boaters ended up in Conneaut Lake on Sunday some of the details in this story are inaccurate or disputed and this story will be remediated and corrected for tomorrow.