Lilo Says: Keep Pets Safe During the 4th of July Holiday

Many 4th of July celebrations will be happening this upcoming weekend. Lilo (and Sgt. Gregory Beveridge of the Meadville City Police Department) have some tips on keeping your pets safe during the 4th of July holiday.

  • At dusk, bring pets inside, even if they are usually fine outdoors or have been fine in the past. Many pets end up in shelters after being frightened by fireworks and running away to find safety.
  • Avoid bringing your pet to celebrations. They are safest in their normal surroundings, not in a crowded, unfamiliar, noisy place. If you will be having people over, consider locking pets in a separate room or in a crate.
  • Turn on the TV or music and put the volume loud enough to help muffle any fireworks noises.
  • If you know your pet becomes very stressed during fireworks, talk with you vet about possible short-term medication options.
  • Make sure your pet is properly licensed/identified. If your pet manages to get out and becomes lost, not having proper identification may make it much harder to get them back.