News Live 365 for June 21st, 2017

Medical Marijuana Permits Revealed

Competing Crawford and Erie County entities did not make the cut

Harrisburg, PA –

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has issued its grower and processor permits for Medical Marijuana. Of the twelve total permits two were for in Northwest Pennsylvania and went to Cresco Yeltah in Brookville and Holistic Farms of Newcastle. The permits for dispensaries will be awarded later this month. The department of health determined which applicants would receive their licenses based on a scoring system and all 163 applicant scores can be viewed online.


Ainsworth Purchases Triple T Foods

Company purchases factory for undisclosed amount of money

Meadville, PA –

Meadville’s Ainsworth Pet Nutrition has acquired one of its manufacturing partners from Kansas. Ainsworth purchased Triple T Foods of Frontenac Kansas for an undisclosed amount of money, the move adds a new manufactory and 190 employees to the Ainsworth brand. Triple T has been a co-manufacturing partner with Ainsworth for 25 years and produced products branded by Ainsworth such as Dad’s and Rachel Ray’s Nutrish lines of pet food. President and CEO of AInsworth Jeff Waters called the acquisition a logical evolution. 


Crawford County Residents To See No Tax Increase for Crawford Central Schools

A one half mil tax will be instituted in Mercer County

Crawford County, PA –

Crawford Central School District is expected to pass a new budget next week that includes no tax increases for Crawford County residents.  Those living in Mercer County who are within the district are expected to see an increase of one half mil or 50 cents per $1,000 of property value which will put them on par with Crawford County Residents.


New Animal Cruelty Law About to be Signed

The Comprehensive Animal Cruelty Act makes many changes to PA’s animal cruelty rules and definitions

Harrisburg, PA –

On Tuesday the Pennsylvania Senate voted in favor of updates to the State’s animal cruelty laws. The original animal cruelty law was drafted in 1983 and has gone through multiple updates with each one making animal cruelty law more complex and confusing for even the experts to understand and follow, The Comprehensive Animal Cruelty Bill HB1238’s primary purpose is to streamline the laws to make them more accessible and easier to understand. HB1238 also creates different levels of cruelty including felony levels and is expected to receive the governor’s signature this week.


Mistakes and Retractions

Mistakes were made

On Tuesday June 20th it was mistakenly reported that James Kinney was arrested by Titusville PD on Monday the 19th at 2pm. Kinney was actually arrested on Saturday June 17th at 2am.