News Live 365 for June 20th, 2017

PA’s AG Announces Investigation into Pharmaceutical Industry

The majority of US States have announced similar investigations

Harrisburg, PA –

Drug providers that aggressively pushed opium based painkillers are now under investigation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced his office would be joining Attorneys General from around the nation to investigate the role of corporations in the opioid crisis. An average of 13 people a day now die in Pennsylvania alone from heroin and prescription pain killer overdoses and the number is only increasing. In 2014 2,498 Pennsylvanians died as a result of the crisis and last year the number was nearly double that, falling just short of 4,650.

AG Shapiro’s investigation is being conducted jointly with other Attorney’s General from around the country and is focused on what role may have been played by Big Pharma in creating and prolonging the ongoing opioid crisis around the nation. Investigative tools including the power of the subpoena but Attorney General Shapiro did not state whether the investigation was intended to file criminal charges or start a lawsuit, “I will follow the evidence to hold everyone accountable, no matter how big or powerful. Our ongoing investigation is going straight into the boardrooms of the pharmaceutical companies,” he said.


Cranberry Elementary School Bank Account Possibly Hacked

Four purchases made using school funds

Seneca, PA –

The State Police are investigating the fraudulent use of a school expense account. Someone used the Cranberry Elementary School’s commercial account to make four purchases and it is currently unknown how they got the access. A sharp eyed school employee noticed the transactions and contacted police.


Dog Fighting Trial Begins in Erie

Danny Swift accused of running a fighting ring in his home

Erie, PA –

The trial for a man accused of running a dog fighting ring in Erie started yesterday. Danny Swift is charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty, 14 pit bull dogs were taken from his property when he was arrested. Suspended EPD Officer Cheryl Frey will be testifying in the trial, she was the first officer to arrive on the scene when two dogs were reported fighting in Swift’s back yard.


$200,000 in Bail Set for Titusville Man

James Kinny not very good at breaking bad

Titusville, PA –

Yesterday afternoon Titusville Police arrested James Kinney after he lead them on a 70 mile per hour chase. Kinney lost control of his truck and crashed, then tried to escape on foot but was apprehended and found to be in possession of numerous baggies of methamphetamine. Kinny is being held at Crawford County Jail with his bail set at $200,000. He faces multiple felony, misdemeanor, and summary charges.


Erie Native Confirmed as Secretary of Revenue

C. Daniel Hassle confirmed unanimously

Harrisburg, PA –

The Pennsylvania Senate unanimously voted to confirm an Erie native as the new Secretary of Revenue. C. Daniel Hassell was confirmed yesterday, he was nominated after the previous secretary Eileen Mcnulty retired on April 21st. Hassel is an Erie Native and a graduate of Westminster College who previously served as Deputy Secretary for Tax Policy.


Traffic Flow in Saegertown Mostly Back to Normal

Routes 6/19 and 198 are all open in South of boro

Saegertown, PA –

Routes 6, 19, and 198 heading into the south side of Saegertown are all open once again. The new roundabout is open to the flow of traffic but some work is still being done, completion will be sometime in July.