News Live 365 for June 16, 2017

Assault and Strangulation Charges Against Man Dropped

Albert Schmidt still faces parole violation hearings

Franklin, PA –

Charges of assault and strangulation against Albert Schmidt of Franklin have been dropped. Schmidt was accused of abusing a woman in front of her children inside her Franklin home last month but those charges have been dropped, he is still in Venango County Jail awaiting a hearing for a parole violation. Schmidt who is no stranger to run ins with the law is serving probation for disorderly conduct after a fight last year.


Robert Moles back in Custody

Moles refused mental health treatment in Georgia and returned to the capitol

Washington, DC –

Robert Moles, formerly of Edinboro, is back in custody and in national headlines after violating the terms of his release from jail. Moles was not seeking help for mental health issues in Georgia as agreed, and instead posted pictures to social media of him using drugs and being back in Washington DC. A judge ordered Moles to stay out of Washington DC and off of any kind of narcotics after he was arrested with unregistered firearms in Washington DC that he had transported all the way from his home near Edinboro Pennsylvania across the borders of several states in violation of Federal Law.

Moles also posted other more disturbing and vaguely threatening things to social media such as pictures of newspapers with headlines about Wednesday’s shooting in DC next to a black bag with unknown contents. Moles also posted references to marijuana and photographs of him presumably him smoking it as well as references to the Pearl Jam Song Jeremy which features a music video about suicide. Putting further nails in his coffin Moles posted a picture of his reservation in a Hilton Hotel and photographs of an Exxon Station in Washington DC.

Moles was supposed to be in Georgia with a friend but the offer had been rescinded because of his mental state and constant drug use. Moles’s own family believes that he needs to be in custody because it is the only way he will be able to get the court ordered mental health treatments he requires.


Man Makes Room for Parking with Construction Equipment

Michael Buzzard used a skid loader to push a vehicle

Clarion Township, Clarion County, PA –

After using construction equipment to move a vehicle out of his way a Clarion Man has been charged with criminal mischief. Michael Buzzard caused severe damage to a vehicle belonging to John Glenn when he used a skid loader to forcibly move it from where it was parked.


Month Long Investigation Leads to Drug Arrest of Multiple Time Felon

Cleo McKinney already has a history of criminal offenses at 21

Franklin PA, –

On Wednesday Franklin police arrested Cleo McKinney for a battery of drug related charges as the culmination of a month long investigation. Information on what drugs they caught McKinney with has been withheld at this time but records show McKinney has been arrested four times since 2015 with charges for assault, burglary, and assaulting a child. McKinny is charged with seven felonies which include multiple counts of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, criminal use of a communications facility, and possession of a controlled substance. He also has two misdemeanor counts of possession of of drug paraphernalia. 


PA State Police Search for Church Vandals

Domer Chapel in Rockland Township was vandalized with graffiti

Rockland Township, Venango County, PA – 

Domer Chapel In Venango County’s Rockland Township was vandalized by a person or persons who spray painted on the chapel’s exterior walls on June 12th or 13th. State Police are looking for leads, please call (814)676-6584 with information.


Man With Cannon Charged for Reckless Endangerment

He accidently fired bowling balls into his neighbor’s yard

Warren, PA –

In Warren state police responded to an unusual reckless endangerment call earlier this week stemming from a man firing bowling balls out of a cannon into a neighbor’s yard and creating a crater. The artillery aficionado was only identified as a 46 year old Pittsburgh man who was firing bowling balls into an empty field and overshot his target.