News Live 365 for June 15th, 2017

Water Authority Votes in Favor of Fluoride

There are still steps to go in the official process and fluoridation may still not happen

Meadville, PA –

At a special meeting held yesterday at the Lew Davies Community Center in Meadville members of the Water Authority voted 3 to 2 in favor of fluoridation. The next step in the process is to apply with the Department of Environmental Resources for permits. Around 50 people attended the special session and most of them were opposed to adding fluoride to the water supply. Thomas Thompson is the consulting engineer for the water authority and told reporters that the process could still take many months. More public meetings will certainly be held.


Husband Arrested in Death of Wife

Christopher Leclair of Albion charged with homicide in death of Karen Leclair

Erie, PA –


After reviewing several pieces of evidence the Pennsylvania State Police have arrested the husband of Karen Leclair for her murder. Christopher Leclair was arrested Tuesday and charged with criminal homicide, his motive is suspected to be an affair he was having. The PA Fish and Boat Commission asked the Erie State Police to assist in the investigation because of their superior training and resources and initially the investigation was being handled as a matter of course with no foul play suspected but as evidence was gathered authorities grew more and more suspicious.

The Leclairs of Albion were partners together in a fishing business that mainly caught small bait fish for local shops. On Sunday around 2pm while out on Lake Erie Christopher Leclair called the US Coast Guard to report that his wife had been feeling unwell and had fallen off of the back of their fishing boat sometime between 1:40 and 1:55pm. He said that though there were plenty of life jackets on board she had not been wearing one. The US Coast Guard lead a 30 hour long search for Karen which included sea and air assets from the Coast Guard and all available local authorities from Erie, North East, and Lake City but Karen was never found. At the end of 30 hours she was declared dead and the search called off.

It was during the course of the investigation that suspicion was starting to be cast on Mr. Leclair. At first a search of the phone records of both Leclair’s showed records of deleted text messages, GPS Coordinates, and other data. Investigators discovered that the deleted messages were to another woman that Mr. Leclair was having an affair with. When they interviewed her she told investigators that Christopher had spent the night at her house on Saturday and there was discussion about moving in together. It was video evidence however that sealed the fate of the investigation for Leclair.

Video obtained by the Erie Port Authority showed both of the Leclair’s leave shortly after 12:45pm on Saturday but only Mr. Leclair returned to the marina around 4 hours later. Leclair also used a slip separate from the one his fishing trolley was assigned. The next day Mr. Leclair returned to his boat and went back out onto the lake, then called for help at around 2pm on Sunday Afternoon. Evidence in hand Leclair was arrested by Erie State Police and charged with criminal homicide.


Three Area Baseball Players Drafted by Major Leagues

Miami, Detroit, and Houston all interested in regions finest players

Seneca, PA –

Dylan Cyphert is a native of of Cranberry Township who was drafted by the Miami Marlins baseball franchise yesterday in the MLB draft. Two other ball players from our region, Cole Peterson of Johnsonburg, and Adam Bleday of Titusville were drafted by Detroit and Houston respectively.


Titusville Woman Assaults State Troopers and UPMC Nurses

Megan Jewell charged with assault 8 times

Franklin, PA –

By kicking a state trooper in the head and attempting to bite several workers at UPMC Northwest Megan Jewell earned herself eight shiny new felony charges. Jewell, a Titusville resident, was being arrested to serve a warrant when she suddenly started attacking anyone who went near. Jewell is in Venango County Jail with bail set at $75,000.


Somebody Set us Up the Geocache

A scavenger hunt item caused a bomb scare in Erie

Erie, PA –

A suspicious package discovered at West Erie Plaza turned out not to be a bomb. The bomb squad was called to deal with a suspicious pipe shortly after 11:30 on Tuesday morning and it was eventually discovered to be a container for a geocache, a popular type of scavenger hunt. By 1:00 pm the business in the Plaza was back to normal other than all the local geocache enthusiasts knowing the location of their scavenger hunt item.


Man Arrested in Clarion for Threatening Bar Patrons with Knife

Ronald Tribley pulled a knife on patrons after being kicked out for using racist language

Clarion, PA –

A man was arrested in Clarion after allegedly threatening patrons at an American Legion with a knife when he was kicked out for using racial slurs. Ronald Tribley was arrested by Clarion Boro Police who did not find a knife in his possession but one was provided by the bartender at the club who said Tribley had dropped it before leaving. Tribley has been charged with terroristic threats with intent to terrorize and causing a serious inconvenience, simple assault, disorderly conduct, and harassment.