News Live 365 for June 14th, 2017

Man Killed and Woman Injured in I-80 Crash

An out of control camper caused an accident for a Missouri Couple

Scrubgrass Township, Venango County, PA –

On Interstate 80 An out of control camper caused an accident that killed a man and injured a woman. Kevin Gross of St. Joseph Missouri died in the accident which happened around 1pm Monday, the driver, Cynthia Gross was severely injured and airlifted to an undisclosed hospital for emergency treatment. Cynthia Gross was driving their 2009 Nissan Titan when she lost control of the attached camper, driving the truck off of the road and turning it over onto its side, both her and Christopher were wearing their seatbelt.


Polk Woman Pleads Guilty to Garrett Calvert Assault

Jolene Webber was part of a group that assaulted and detained Garrett Calvert last year

Meadville, PA –

After pleading guilty to her part in the assault of a Cochranton man Jolene Webber faces up to 12 years in prison. Webber joined Bradley Simmons and six teenagers in the abduction, assault, and detention of Garrett Calvert over a period of several hours last year. As part of her plea deal charges of Simple Assault and and Terroristic Threats were dropped as she pleaded guilty to Conspiracy to Commit Crimes, Possession of Instruments of Crime, and Unlawful Restraint. The three charges carry a maximum penalty of 12 years in state prison and a $25,000 fine.

Webber’s Co-Conspirator Bradley Simmons has his sentencing scheduled for June 22, he pleaded guilty to simple assault and unlawful restraint and faces seven years in prison. The teenagers in the case have all been sentenced by the Crawford County Juvenile Court and were charged with various combinations of unlawful restraint, simple assault, computer trespass, theft, and robbery. Some were placed in Juvenile Detention facilities.

The charges against all of them stem from a pre-planned attack on Garrett Calvert of Cochranton after a teenage girl claimed he had inappropriate pictures of her on his phone. Calvert was attacked overnight in a park and was beaten, dragged, strangled, and tied up for two hours while one of the teens accessed his phone to find the pictures and then ended up deleting several apps and accessing his Facebook account. Calvert had to be hospitalized after the attack.


Playing for all the Marbles

Bobby Narr Competes in National Marbles Championship

Wildwood, NJ –

Fourteen year old Bobby Narr Junior, aka “Bobbo Big Snack” is representing the city of Meadville when he competes in the 94th annual National Marbles Championship. He plays for all the marbles and aims to be the first National Champion from Crawford County, he was a three time semi-finalist when he lived in Allegheny County. The national Tournament is only open to miblers (marble shooters) between 8 and 14 years old so Bobbo only has this year left to compete but he’s a favorite to win the tournament and has the pedigree of a champion; Bobbo’s sister Bailey won the championship in 2011 and his Oldest sister Brooke made the semi-finals twice; John Leffakis, a relative of Bobbo’s won in 2008. During the tournament which starts on Monday June 19th and ends on Thursday June 22nd Bobbo could compete in more than 1,000 matches.


Albion Woman Declared Dead after Falling into Lake Erie

Karen LeClair is at the Erie State Police Barracks

Erie. PA –

Karen LeClair of Albion was declared dead on Monday when authorities including the Coast Guard searched for her for 24 hours after she reportedly fell into lake Erie. There are reports that she was found Tuesday afternoon but details are scarce and rumors and reports keep coming in; an update to this story will come later.


Gaven Rinker Search Reveals Secret Pot Farm

Joel Rink is Gaven’s cousin, he was arrested for growing marijuana

Oil City, PA –

While serving a warrant for the arrest of Gaven Rinker authorities discovered an illegal marijuana growing operation and arrested his cousin Joel Rinker at an Oil City Home. Gaven was picked up later and both men are currently being held in Venango County Jail.