Reno’s Rant: Thoughts From The Stanley Cup Finals

So It’s been a couple of days and I’m sitting here rocking my new Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Championship locker room cap. Wow! What a Finals and what a Stanley Cup run for the Back-To-Back Stanley Cup Champion Penguins! Here are some of my random thoughts from the series!

– In spite of all the haters, there is no team who works harder or is full of a group of good guys and as deserving of this as the Penguins

– Congrats to the Nashville Predators on an amazing season and an impressive Cup run!

– To the Nashville fans, you showed a lot of passion for your team and the game. However as a “young” franchise your fan base has some maturing to do as many southern NHL fan bases do/did. The “you suck” chants and ending the goalie name chants with “you suck” is something I’ve only experienced in the south. I heard the same thing when I saw the Pens play the Thrashers in Atlanta a few years back. It’s disrespectful! You generally don’t hear that out of other NHL teams fans. Keep in mind I did hear some “Subban Sucks” chants in Pittsburgh during game 5 but I think that was fueled by what Pens fans were hearing in Nashville and the fact that Subban is a showboating, loud mouth, diva. Plus the trash/towels being thrown on the ice when Hagelin scored the empty net goal showed a real hockey immaturity. Nashville, I wish the best for your team in the future. I hope to see you back in the finals again but grow up. Murray and the Pittsburgh Penguins don’t “suck”, they’re the Stanley Freakin’ Cup Champions, you’re the one who sucks!!!

– Sidney Crosby winning back-to-back Conn Smythe trophies as Playoff MVP was more than deserving. He may not have lead the league in playoff scoring but he showed on the ice why he’s the best player in the world today!

– Sid handing the Cup to Ron Hainsey who, despite his many years in the league, had never been to the playoffs and won the Cup in his first go around was nice.

– Seeing Marc-Andre Fleury skating with the Cup as a Penguins, probably, one last time was heart wrenching and special to say the least!

– Fleury handing the Cup to Matt Murray was special, too! It was like a passing of the torch.

– While I’m on Fleury, I hope everyone thinks about what a special goaltender we’ve had in him over the last several years! He was instrumental in so many winning seasons. He was key in Pittsburgh winning their third Stanley Cup. He got us to the play-offs last season and despite being unseated as the number one goalie, he sat and watched Matt Murray lead the team to it’s fourth Cup, all the while not complaining. He went into this season, splitting time with Murray, again, never complaining and never demanding a trade. Marc-Andre Fleury IS THE REASON we beat the Washington Capital. If it weren’t for Fleury, the Pens don’t win that series and the Caps go on the face Ottawa. And yet again, in spite of all he did, Fleury was pulled for Murray and again watched as Murray was on the ice in the waning second of another Stanley Cup victory. Marc-Andre Fleury has since waived his “no-movement clause” in his contract and will more than likely be taken by Las Vegas in the expansion draft on June 20th. They’re going to get one hell of a goalie, one hell of a team player and one hell of a great guy!!!

– Guentzel is going to be one heck of a good player for a long time in the Burgh. I hope he continues to work hard, gain some size and keep developing. He has great role models in Pittsburgh.

– This finals proved that Evgeni Malkin is not only a great goals scorer and a franchise center….he’s also one of the toughest guys on the team!!!

– Seeing Matt Cullen raise the Cup one more time as a Penguins was great. Knowing he may retire a Champion was special!!!

– Hats off the the hole D-man corp!!! They were banged up and missing Letang but stood tall and got the job done!!!

– Winning the Cup is long and takes a lot out of you…..even for the fans!!! lol

– Do it again next year???

Just some random thoughts from a tough, hard fought, fun, heart pounding and glorious (since the Pens are the ones who raised the Cup) 2017 Stanley Cup Finals!!!

Until Next Time….Cheers!