Reno’s Rant: The Black Moods

I found this band, The Black Moods, a few years ago through a Facebook advertisement of all places! I liked the name so I checked out the single they were pushing off their first album. It was good so I always keep intending to check out their album. It wasn’t until their second album came out that I really gave them a listen, but when I did, all I did was scan through the songs. It really didn’t give them a fair shake! It wasn’t until I was really jonesing for something new that I decided to give The Black Moods another listen. so I listened to both albums start to finish and wow, it was the best decision I’ve ever made. They’ve quickly become one of my favorite bands! You can hear a cornucopia of influences in every song. I listen to them and hear a cross between The Black Keys, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers and Led Zeppelin!

Stand out songs for me off the first, self titled, album: Can’t Sleep At Night…Hey You…The Only One. But it’s their second album, Medicine, is where they really hit their stride! Stand outs off Medicine: Someone To Save Us…How Long…Paralyzed…Without A Warning….Within Without!

Check these guys out!!!

Tempe, Arizona’s The Black Moods