News Live 365 for June 6th, 2017

Firefighters Called to Rehab Facility

A small fire did about $50 in damage

Franklin, PA –

Someone started a small fire at a drug rehab facility in Venango County. An unknown person lit a pair of scrubs on fire and shoved them under a bathroom sink at Turning Point Treatment Center, but employees had the fire out before firefighters arrived. The state police are investigating.


Investigation into Death of Erie Man Makes Headway

Investigators have search warrants and a list of names

Athens Township, Crawford County, PA –

State Police from Meadville have been issued search warrants in their investigation of the shooting death of Jimmy Johnson. Witnesses are still coming forward and being interviewed and detectives have narrowed down a list of suspects but they are still searching for the murder weapon. 21 year old Jimmy Edward Johnson of Erie was shot twice after a fight broke out between numerous people at a party near Teepleville Flats Road and Eddies Road at around 2:30 am Sunday morning. Friends of Jimmy loaded him in a car and took him to Meadville Medical Center where he was pronounced dead in the ER.

The State Police will not comment on what was the cause of the fight but they have said that the party where this happened had about 100 attendees and most of them were between 16 and 24 years old. Several witnesses have come forward and are cooperating with the investigators. The party was held on private property and its owner did not have the proper clearance for such a large gathering; alcohol and possibly drugs were also present at the party.

Update: PSP Meadville have made two arrests in the case and could possibly be making more. Details on the two arrests will be in tomorrow’s edition.


Man Dies of Heart Attack while Driving

Richard Brett was initially thought to have died in an accident

Cornplanter Township, Venango County, PA –

A Westmoreland man found dead in Venango County died from a heart attack and not from a crash as initially thought. Richard Brett of New Florence was driving down route 227 when he suddenly veered off of the road, a witness attempted CPR but Brett was already dead. Initial impressions were that Brett was killed by the impact of his truck against a house but the autopsy shows that coronary failure was the cause of the 62 year old’s death.


Experts say West Nile Carrying Mosquito Populations On the Rise

The breeding season has come early for the mosquito population

Though high numbers of the mosquitoes known to carry West Nile virus have been recorded already this year so far they’ve tested negative for the virus. Regardless, authorities in the region warn residents to remove or treat any standing water on their property to interrupt the mosquito’s breeding cycle. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in still or slow moving waters and with all the precipitation we have seen this year it has lead to an explosion in breeding populations.


Wet Weather Continues to Delay Smock Bridge Repairs

One final layer of sealant is needed to complete project

Meadville, PA –

Poor weather is once again responsible for pushing up the completion of the Smock Bridge Rehabilitation Project in Meadville. Three lanes have been treated with waterproof sealant but the fourth still needs to be completed, the road needs to be totally dry for the work to be finished. Currently there is no official date for the completion of the project.

Update: All four lanes were opened to traffic this morning. Temporary restrictions may still be put in place to clean up the work site.


Breaking: New Arrest Made in Blue Canoe Burglary

A Harrisburg man was arrested in connection to the case

Harrisburg, PA –

Silas Yashinski was arrested by Harrisburg Police after authorities in Titusville acquired a warrant for his arrest in connection to the burglary of the Blue Canoe Restaurant. More details on this breaking story will be available tomorrow morning.