News Live 365 for June 2nd, 2017

Man and Woman Injured in Crash During Police Chase

Travis Semrau’s passenger is being treated as a victim in his crimes

Franklin, PA –

Travis Semrau and an anonymous female passenger were seriously wounded when their car collided with a cement wall during a police pursuit in Franklin. Both were flown to UMPC Hamot in Erie yesterday morning for emergency treatment. Semrau was driving recklessly in a red Ford Mustang around 12:30 am Wednesday night when he was spotted by Patrolman Barnes of FDPD. Barnes attempted to stop Semrau but instead he took off and attempted to drive away at around 90 miles per hour.

After a brief pursuit Semrau turned off his lights and accelerated even faster, possibly in excess of 100 mph prompting the officer to call off the chase because of the risk of an accident. Instead Franklin Police officers began to patrol around town looking for the subject vehicle, hoping to box it in and end the danger. A 911 call of an accident near Joy Manufacturing lead police and firefighters to the scene of the crash. It’s unknown what speed Semrau was travelling at when he drove through a garage door at Joy and collided with the wall but he and his passenger were both severely wounded by the impact. Currently, FDPD is treating the passenger as a victim of Semrau’s reckless behavior and evidence from the scene is being used to determine precisely what happened.


Investigation into Central Tech Fire’s Cause Continues

Central Tech High School was burned virtually to the ground in a mysterious fire

Erie, PA –

Authorities in Erie are hoping that hard drives salvaged from security cameras can shed some light on what caused a fire that burned down Central Tech High School. Arson is not believed to be the cause for the fire but it will not be ruled out until the evidence is reviewed. The hard drives were handed to the ATF who have the technology to attempt retrieve useable information from the badly damage drives. Even with the help of the ATF the cause of the fire may never be possible to determine because of the extent of the damage.


Oil City Woman Arrested for Passing Counterfeit Money

Lori Tupec caught on camera using funny money

Oil City, PA –

An Oil City woman is out on bail after being arrested for paying for items with counterfeit money. Lori Tupec allegedly purchased about $63 worth of merchandise from a Country Fair with a $100 bill marked with “For cinematic used only” mentioned in reports from last month. Tupec is seen on footage from the convenience store using faux money for her purchase and then leaving in her vehicle. She’s being charged with Theft by Deception, Retail Theft, and Receiving Stolen Property; she was released after paying $10,000 bail, presumably with real legal tender.


Drunk Man Arrested in Woman’s Home

Steven Pearlstein caught on homeowner’s bed eating her food

Oil City, PA –

A bizarre crime was allegedly committed by Steven Pearlstein in Oil City while he was drunk. Pearlstein is accused of breaking into the home of a woman and was found eating a snack on her bed, she reported that he assaulted her when she found him. The victim said that she came home during her lunch break because she was receiving alerts from her home security system and discovered Pearlstein eating food on her bed. She said she confronted Pearlstein who threw her too the ground and punched her in the head multiple times but she manage to escape outside to call the police. Pearlstein was arrested by OCPD when he voluntarily left the house.