News Live 365 for June 1st, 2017

Regional Man Arrested with Weapons in DC

Doctor Bryan Moles of Edinboro had an AR-15 and a Glock 23 in his car

Washington, DC –

An Edinboro man was arrested early yesterday morning in Washington DC at the Trump International Hotel. Bryan Moles was found to have a Bushmaster AR-15 rifle, a Glock 23,  and several dozen rounds of ammunition in his car but at this time there is no indication of what his motives were in the city. According to a representative of the Secret Service Moles had been interviewed and nothing indicated that he was a threat to POTUS or to anyone under the protection of the Secret Service. The only thing he’s been charged with by DCPD is Carrying a pistol without a license.

Moles is a former Navy Corpsman and a Medical Doctor who is on administrative leave from St. Vincent Hospital in Erie and is known as a supporter of President Trump. He said he stayed at the Trump Hotel because he likes him. Washington DC Police searched Moles car after receiving a tip from the Pennsylvania State Police that they had been informed he was armed and said he was heading to Washington DC to see the President.


Meadville Resident Arrested in Ohio on Suspicion of Assault

Jeremy Vorous is accused of leaving a 51 year old man bleeding in the parking lot of a Subway Restaurant

Brookfield, OH –

Jeremy Vorous of Meadville was arrested at Yankee Lake after being accused of assaulting a 51 year old man outside of a Subway Restaurant. According to two female employees who witnessed the assault the victim, an unidentified man from Masury Ohio, was inside the Subway store teasing one of them about her height. They say that they were amused by the comments and not at all offended but Vorous seemed to take exception to them and said he would fight the man out in the parking lot. The victim left the restaurant to go to his car and Vorous followed him outside to punch him in the face where he fell to the concrete.

His victim suffered a large gash in his head and was bleeding heavily when police arrived to the call. Vorous was found by police officers at Yankee Lake during Truck Night and arrested for the assault. They say that Vorous matched the description of the assailant, wearing the same clothes, driving the same truck, and he had Subway sandwich wrappers in his truck. Vorous claims that the victim started the fight outside in the parking lot.


Three Mile Island’s Nuclear Power Plant May Close

The plant has not been profitable for about five years

Middletown, PA –

The Exelon Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station may be ceasing operations in 2019 if it doesn’t receive a bailout from from the state. With natural gas becoming cheaper and more available nuclear energy is falling to the wayside and the nuclear plant has not been profitable in five years. This year the plant’s owners at Exelon Corp. announced that they failed to auction off power production from the facility for the third year in a row.

In an effort to keep the plant open Exelon is looking to receive money from the same subsidy programs that are used to benefit the development of solar, wind, and hydroelectric production in the commonwealth. They point out that like those other three, nuclear energy does not produce carbon emissions and that with the current facilities nuclear energy could create 93% of the state’s emissions free electricity. Opponents of nuclear subsidies say that nuclear energy is more expensive than other alternative energy sources and environmentalists also oppose the measure, pointing out that while nuclear power does not produce carbon dioxide it does create radioactive waste products.


Man on Parole Arrested for Cocaine Possession

Jaden McDivitt is a parolee who allegedly stashed drugs in his parent’s home

Franklin, PA –

Jaden McDivitt was arrested by Franklin Police for violating his parole when he was found in possession of unprocessed cocaine. A search warrant executed on the home of his parents yielded paraphernalia for the processing of cocaine. McDivitt has been charged with Manufacture, Delivery, or Possession With Intent to Manufacture or Deliver Cocaine; Intentional Possession of Controlled Substance By a Person Not Registered; and Use/Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia. He is in Venango County Jail on $35,000 bail.


Clarion Troopers On the Lookout for Stolen Dirtbike

Motor bike stolen from home near Knox

Knox, Pa – 

A 2002 Yamaha YZ250F dirtbike was stolen from the home of the home of Dylan Meals of Knox on SR208. The bike is blue and black in color, of you have seen it please call Clarion State Police (814)226-1710.