Frog Net News For June 1st, 2017

The New Castle News reports that a Biloxi Mississipp man is in the Lawrence County Jail for allegedly raping a 16 year old girl multiple times while he was living in Hillsville. 49 year old Timothy Craig faces 18 felony counts in connection with the incidents that took place during November and December of last year at a house in Hillsville. The girl reported to authorities that Craig allegedly assaulted and raped her on muiltiple occasions. Craig was arraigned and placed in the Lawrence County Jail on 100 thousand dollars bond. A hearing is set for June 7th.

New research is suggesting that there may be a link between thyroid cancer and Three Mile Island.  Hershey scientists published the study in a medical journal this week.  The researchers have been studying samples from thyroid cancer patients who lived near the facility at the time of the 1979 meltdown.  They say the release of nuclear material may have led to the disease.  The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says previous studies have found no link, but the researchers say technology that was not available in the past was used for the new study.

A Beaver County native may be in line to become President Trump’s top White House adviser.  Axios reported Tuesday that the administration could bring in David Urban to replace Reince Priebus as the President’s chief of staff.  Urban grew up in Hopewell before graduating from West Point and served in the Persian Gulf War.  He worked as an adviser to Trump’s campaign for the Pennsylvania and Indiana primaries.

There will be increased security at Plum High School’s graduation ceremony tonight.  The district made the announcement yesterday on its website after the school got a call from someone saying they had heard that someone would be bringing a gun to graduation.  Officials say the threat could not be confirmed or refuted.  Those attending may be searched and only clear bags will be allowed through security.

The Neshannock Township school district’s proposed budget for next school year shows a 1.5 million dollar deficit. Superintendent Dr.Terrance Mehan told the New Castle News the first budget showed a 1.9 million dollar deficit. The budget for next year does not include a tax increase and the district will use it’s fund balance of 4.4 million dollars to help bring the budget in balance. Business manager Justin DiMuccio said in there is an increase it would be less that four dollars more a month on a property assessed at 100 thousand dollars.

A teenager is facing charges in the death of his baby in Allegheny County.  De-Jon Johnson was arrested this week and is accused of suffocating his four-month-old in February.  Doctors say there were deep bruises on the child’s face.

A Pittsburgh man who shook his girlfriend’s baby daughter to death could spend 40 years in prison after a jury found him guilty of third-degree murder. Kenneth Reeves was arrested in 2014 after he severely injured five-month-old Kami Newton.  Police say Reeves was alone at his girlfriend’s home when it happened.  The girlfriend then came home and found the infant with no pulse.  The baby was taken off of life support three days later.  Reeves will be sentenced next month.

State Police in Butler County report a two vehicle accident on Interstate 79 in Lancaster Township. According to police 68 year old Duane Churchill of Erie,  was southbound on 79 and attempted to slow down due to a backlog of another crash, and struck a vehicle operated by 71 year old Joseph Georgal of Fairview, Pa. Churchill then lost contol of his vehicle causing it to roll over several times. Churchhill was taken to Allegheny General Hospital for treatment.