News Live 365 for May 31st, 2017

Two Children Killed in Separate Traffic Accidents

A nine year old and twelve year old boy died in tragedies

Crawford County, PA –

Two separate terrible and unavoidable accidents took the lives of children in Crawford County last night. A twelve year old boy was killed when his bike coasted out of a driveway and into the path of a truck between Mercer Street and Mead Avenue in Venango Township. The Driver of the truck was unable to react in time and could not see them coming because of a nearby parked vehicle. The boy died at Meadville Medical Center.

Another boy, this one nine, was killed while riding in a flatbed cart being pulled by a pony in Rome Township. At the intersection of Fish Flats road, Whitney Road, and Fink Road the pony dashed out into the roadway and dragged the wagon into the path of a truck driven by a 19 year old from Saegertown. Five children were in the wagon. Four of them were taken to Meadville Medical Center and two were flown to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh for treatment. The boy was fatally wounded at the scene and declared dead where he fell.


Car Thief Arrested in Franklin

Joshua McVay was caught committing the crime on camera

Franklin, PA –

Joshua McVay was arrested for the Saturday night theft of a Ford Mustang GT that was reported on yesterday morning. According to the Venango County Sheriff’s Office he is also being held for failure to pay fines related to a DUI. McVay was caught on camera when he was taking the car on Saturday night, and eyewitnesses could place him driving the car in areas around Venango County. McVay was arrested on Sunday when the stolen car was found outside a house in Rockland Township.


Woman Arrested for DUI/Child Endangerment After Fender Bender

Person involved in accident noticed intoxication

Cranberry Township, Venango County, PA –

What should have been a non-reportable accident ended in a DUI arrest for a Franklin Woman. The victim of an accident that happened at Tractor Supply called State Police from Franklin to report that they suspected that Nicole Henriques was intoxicated and riding in the passenger seat of the other vehicle along with a small child in the back seat. Henriques and the car’s driver were stopped on Route 322, charges of DUI and Endangering the Welfare of a child have been lodged against her.


Bridge Named in Honor of Firefighter

Lt. Andrew White died in a fire in 2001

Sugarcreek, PA –

The Sugarcreek Truss Bridge has been renamed to honor a fallen firefighter. Lieutenant Andrew J. White Memorial Bridge was renamed over Memorial Day Weekend to honor a fireman killed in the line of duty on the 11th of January, 2001. Over a hundred people were in attendance including representatives from fire departments in Rocky Grove, Reno, Franklin, Oil City, Seneca, Oakland, Sandycreek, Cooperstown, President, Cornplanter, Utica, Rouseville and Polk. City Council members, the Venango County District Attorney, state troopers, and officers from Franklin, Sugar Creek, and Venango County Sheriff’s departments.