News Live 365 for May 24th, 2017

Brazen Burglar(s) Eat Family’s Dinner

One or more persons stole valuables and ate an earlier prepared meal

Sparta Township, Crawford County, PA –

Corry based state police are asking for information about a burglary in Crawford County’s Sparta Township last thursday between 7am and 5pm. The actor or actors broke into an office through a detached garage after arriving through unknown means and then removed a crossbow and quiver of bolts and then got into the residence. While inside the home they took a laptop computer, jewelry from a jewelry box, a coin bank, and strangely a pound of frozen hamburger. They also ended up helping themselves to food that was intended for that evening’s dinner. If you may have information that could assist the investigation please call Clarion’s State Police Barracks at (814)663-2043.


Oil City Begins Destruction of Abandoned and Blighted Properties

Oil City Fire Department burns down abandoned home

Oil City, PA –

Oil City has begun buying up and destroying blighted properties within city limits starting with the controlled burn of a house on East Fourth Street. The house is one of ten vacant properties bought up to demolish the structures on them and Oil City fire Department burned the structure down safely without incident. The remaining properties will also be demolished throughout the year in whatever manners are best suited for their situations.


Man Sentenced for Killing of Teenage Boy

Darion Eady was convicted of killing Elijah Jackson

Erie, PA –

Darion Eady was sentenced yesterday to 23 to 47 years for the shooting death of an Erie teenager. Eady was convicted for the 2015 murder of 16 year Elijah Jackson in February. Eady’s defense had tried to get a retrial after the conviction by claiming Jury Misconduct during the case but the request was denied by a judge.


Fluoride in the Water gets its own Special Vote in Meadville

Fluoridation proving to be a heated topic in Crawford County

Meadville, PA –

A special session of the Meadville Area Water Authority Board members will be held for a vote on whether or not Meadville will add fluoride to its drinking water supply. On June 14th at 10am the board will convene at an open meeting in the Lew Davies Community center to make the determination. The significance of the issue has prompted the board members to hold the vote in an open space where more members of the public can attend and at a time where all the board members could be present.

At least two members of the Board of Directors have signalled their opposition to the plan to fluoridate the water, Harold Tubbs who is a former police chief for Meadville believes that it would be tantamount to tyranny to force anyone who doesn’t want fluoride in their water to pay for the added expense, and John Fulmer did not believe there was enough popular support from the public to make it a worthwhile initiative. Dennis Flinton is a dentist who has spent a lot of time working with children whom he thinks would have less dental issues if they had better access to fluoride, such as in their in drinking water and signalled he would be voting in favor for it. Board members Timothy Groves and Mark Gildea have not signalled their approval or disapproval.


Sex Offender, Three others, Charged in Murder of 13 year old Girl

John Bove is a registered sex offender

Ashtabula County, OH –

Four people are being charged in the death of 13 year old Kara Zdanczewski of Ashtubula County. Chief among them is a sex offender named John Bove who is charged with aggravated murder and kidnapping, he was arrested in Sharon Pennsylvania after a police pursuit on May 11th and still resides in Mercer County Jail, he will soon be transported to Ashtabula. Debrah Bove is being charged with obstructing justice and two others, Malachi Shultz and Stanley Wilfong are being charged with obstructing justice and tampering with evidence.

Bove was already on parole for failing to register as a sex offender after being convicted of a rape in New York when he lived in North Carolina. Kara’s parents were having an argument and ask Bove to take their daughter out of the house so she didn’t need to see them fighting – the next time she was seen by anyone other than Bove was when they found her dead body in nearby Saybrook Township. Bove could face the death penalty in an upcoming trial if a grand jury finds enough evidence.