News Live 365 for May 23rd, 2017

Franklin Man Sets Fire, Kills Self

Charles Glass had a history of crime

Franklin, PA –

It is believed that Charles Glass of Franklin took his own life with a self inflicted gunshot wound at the scene of a fire on Franklin’s Liberty Street yesterday.  Franklin City, Seneca Volunteer. Rocky Grove Volunteer, and Sandycreek Volunteer Fire Departments battled the fire which is believed to have been an arson. Glass had a troubled history with the law which included multiple arrests and convictions for crimes ranging from DUI to rape; his most recent conviction was for illegally possessing a firearm in 2013. Franklin City Police and State Police from the Franklin Barracks are still investigating the incident and piecing together the evidence on the scene.


Carjacking in Erie Causes Mayhem

Unidentified male suspect steals truck, collides with multiple cars, signs, and a person

Erie, PA –

A pickup hijacking in Erie has left a path of destruction and injured a 90 year old man. An unidentified man in his twenties took possession of the truck on State street and collided with parked vehicles, signs, and eventually directly into the St. Vincent Professional Services Building. The male suspect was crossing State Street and the driver of a red pickup truck owned by Mayer Bros Construction stopped to allow him to pass. Witnesses say that after crossing the man dashed back into traffic and was deliberately hit by the truck to cause it to stop.

When the truck’s driver tried to check on the man he leapt to his feet and took the truck and drove an erratic pattern, the truck collided with traffic signs, a parked SUV, and a 90 year old man who was exiting a parked car before finally crashing into the the St. Vincent Professional Services Building. The 90 year old victim was taken to UPMC Hamot for treatment of traumatic injuries but no information on his status was available. As for the carjacker he is reported to have been injured by the truck hitting him, EPD has not released any information about the man’s identity, severity of injuries, or even on a motive for the seemingly insane crime.


Bill Cosby Jury Selection Continues in Pittsburgh

Five Jurors were selected for the trial in the first day

Pittsburgh, PA –

The first of twelve jurors for Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial were picked yesterday in Pittsburgh, three men and two women were selected for the trial in June. Cosby is charged with drugging and raping a woman from Temple University, just one of dozens of similar allegations. The trial is set to take place in Norristown, Montgomery County – about 300 miles away from Pittsburgh. The jurors will have to be sequestered, possibly for weeks, while the trial takes place. The second round of selection will happen today, no information is being released to the media or public about the identities of the jurors and potential jurors.


Hit and Run Victim Returns to Erie

Lydia Malango is five years old and physically recovering from the incident

Erie, PA –

The five year old girl injured in an Erie hit and run was already back in school yesterday. Lydia Malango was in critical condition thursday but is healthy enough already to get back to living, police are still searching for the driver who hit her. Lydia was riding her bike outside and playing with other children in a parking lot near 10th Street and Tacoma Road. They were under adult supervision but a speeding SUV hit Lydia and her bike before anyone could react. The whole incident was caught on security cameras and the footage shows the driver of the Explorer hit Lydia and not even hesitate to keep driving away from the scene. 

The owner of the red 2002 Ford Explorer was Identified by EPD but does not match the suspect in the security footage. A study of the footage has lead EPD to believe the driver was possibly a black male with light skin.


Norman Rossey Junior Confirmed Dead

Norman was found by kayakers in French Creek Sunday Afternoon

Meadville, PA –

The body fished from French Creek Sunday is indeed the body of Norman Rossey Junior. Crawford County Coroner Scott Schell says the body is in an advanced state of decay and an autopsy will be performed in Erie today to determine cause of death.