News Live 365 for May 18th, 2017

Five Year Old Girl Critically Wounded in Hit and Run

Police searching for suspect

Erie, PA –

A five year old girl from Erie is in critical condition in a Pittsburgh Hospital after a hit and run incident in a parking lot. The girl was hit by a red Ford Explorer with grey trim that headed down Tacoma Road in Erie at about 5:30 pm. Police say the driver is believed to be a white male and are asking for people with any kind of information to call Erie Police Department at (814) 870-1125.


Body Discovered in Venango County

No comment on state or identify

President Township, Venango County, PA –

The body of a deceased male was found in Venango County’s President Township. The identity of the body if known has not been released and State Police will not comment about whether foul play is suspected.


Clarion Woman named Young Entrepreneur of the Year

BreAnna Liberto awarded with honors

Clarion, PA –

A 23 year old Dance Instructor from Clarion is the United States Small Business Association of Pittsburgh’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year. BreAnna Liberto founded the Clarion Center for the Arts while she was still a 19 year old student at Clarion University, her studio is now considered a community asset. “It was a surprise and definitely an honor. I’m excited to begin recognizing the people who have gotten me to this place.” Liberto told reporters.

BreAnna always wanted to open up a performance arts center but she never thought she would do so almost straight out of high school; she described it as a goal for her forties. Nevertheless she is glad she started her business so early in life. Clarion Center for the Arts was nominated for the award by Clarion University’s Small Business Development Center. To celebrate Liberto plans to hold a huge open house with plenty of family activities and even a short dance lesson for attendees; in BreAnna’s own words “…because moving makes people happy!”


Pittsburgh Man Arrested in Oil Creek Township

Blessing Mabugu accused of pistol whipping man in drug deal dispute

Oil Creek Township, Crawford County, PA –

Blessing Mabugu of Pittsburgh was arrested by Corry State Police yesterday on charges of assault and robbery after allegedly pistol whipping a man during an argument about drugs. The incident is said to have taken place on Tuesday when he was fighting with his victim over the price of marijuana. Mabugu was sitting in the back seat of a car behind the victim and arguing over the price of one quarter ounce of marijuana and when the deal went sour he struck the victim in the back of the head with an unregistered pistol.

A fight broke out and the weapon ended up being thrown into the nearby woods and its said that Magubu and an accomplice left the scene with $200 in cash and a gym bag filled with items that belonged to the victims. Magubu is being held in Crawford County Jail with $100,000 bail and has been charged with two counts each of robbery with the threat to inflict bodily injury, aggravated assault, recklessly endangering a person, simple assault, and terroristic threats as well as one count of carrying a firearm without a license.


Trio of Parolees Arrested for Drug Paraphernalia

Original arrest warrant was for one person

Franklin, PA –

It was a three for one bust when three people were arrested in Franklin for parole violations while State Police assisted a State Parole Agent with a warrant. Michael Shannon, David Reed, and Casey Robert, all parolees, were found with drug paraphernalia that troopers say was in plain view. The troopers and parole agent were originally only there to pick up Reed.