Three-Legged Dog Saves Owner From Fire:

A three-legged dog from Brandon, Florida is being hailed as a hero for saving his owner from a fire. Dominic Bacchus was sleeping when his 3 year-old foster dog Buddy woke him up after smelling smoke. Buddy began pawing at Dominic’s chest and neck before the two ran out of their blazing condo. The unit below Dominic’s was completely engulfed in flames.
Dominic tells Fox; “The flames were starting to engulf my doorway. My entire house was full of smoke and I saw it was starting to take my entire neighbor’s house down. Buddy was scared and was trying to run away back into the house so I knew I needed to get him on his leash.”
With flames shooting up through the exterior decking of their escape route, Baccus scooped up Buddy and bolted through the fire. Once both made it to safety Baccus could finally get a good view of the danger they’d managed to escape. The fire was above the treetops here. I’m just lucky that he woke me up because I had no idea that it’d been going on.”