News Live 365 for May 11th, 2017

Millcreek PD Looking for Suspects in Huge Retail Theft

More than $5,500 worth of clothing taken from Victoria’s Secret

Millcreek Township, PA –

A quartet of female shoplifters made their way out of Victoria’s Secret in the Millcreek Mall with around $5,500 dollars worth of merchandise and Millcreek PD is asking for help to crack the case. The four women loaded about 20 bras, 45 pairs of pants, and 60 sweatshirts into two duffel bags they also took off the racks and then left the store. Back on the 20th of April the four women walked out of the store with more than 120 items of clothing and if you might have a tip call (814)838-9515.


Three Arrested in Venango County Drug Bust

Suspects implicated in overdose death of Oil City Man

Oil City, PA –

Three OIl City residents were arrested this week to conclude an OCPD investigation into the overdose death of Derek Black Junior. Mae Shirey, Tara Bowden, and Thomas Crose are accused of working with traffickers from Detroit to bring cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and crack cocaine into Venango County. Two of the suspects, Bowden and Crose, admitted to selling heroin to Black before his death and indicated that they got their supply from Shirey.

Mae Shirey is charged with possession with intent and conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance. Bowden and Crose each face charges of possession with intent, conspiracy to deliver, and possession of a controlled substance. Chief Wenner says that Shirey was the chief collaborator with the Detroit contacts that brought them the drugs.


Cornplanter Square Purchased for $95,000

Venango County commissioners purchase building with grant money

Oil City, PA –

Venango County is purchasing Oil City’s Cornplanter Square for $95,000 with an aim toward economic development. The County Commissioners plan on using the bottom two floors for retail space and the 3 upper floors to promote high tech jobs. The money for the purchase is being provided by Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) money. According to Commissioner Albert “Chip” Abramovic the building will be used as a ‘business incubator’ to help small developing businesses reach initial success before they move into other areas of Venango County.


AG Deciding if Charges Warranted for State Senator

Probe into Scott Wagner’s behavior ongoing

Harrisburg, PA –

The office of Josh Shapiro  is determining if a candidate for Pennsylvania governor may face charges after a scuffle with a political tracker last week. The Spring Garden Police are still investigating the evidence surrounding Scott Wagner’s encounter with a videographer but York County’s district attorney has moved the final determination up to Attorney General, claiming a personal conflict of interest in the case. Wagner spotted a cameraman in the crowd at a private political event earlier this month and personally tried to confiscate his camera equipment which lead to a conflict; the cameraman was able to catch the entire incident on video.

Political trackers are videographers used by special interest groups and political action committees to film political candidates in major races. The hope is that they will catch candidates in a moment that makes them look weak or foolish for use in advertisements, most candidates just ignore their presence. The camera equipment was later returned to American Bridge, the organization the cameraman worked for, but the video taken on the camera was not. American Bridge has released the raw footage as well as multiple clips of the cellular footage.


Woman Charged with Child Endangerment after Overdose

Seneca, PA –

In Seneca a woman is being charged with crimes after she was rescued from a drug overdose. Ashleigh Reiser was charged on Tuesday for endangering the welfare of a child; her five year old daughter was found unattended as Reiser was unconscious in her yard.