News Live 365 for May 9th, 2017

Scam Alert

Be on the lookout for the following scam

Law Enforcement Agencies from Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Ohio are warning about a new scam that targets small businesses. The scammers pose as part of a fire prevention company and demand a cash payment of $200 after their fraudulent safety checks. Real fire inspectors always approach with identification and will not demand money on site. If you have fallen victim to this or a similar scam you should contact the state police.


Fifth Passenger Fled the Scene of Deadly Accident

An unidentified person fled the scene of the accident which killed 16 year old boy

Cornplanter Township, Venango County, PA –

Investigating police officers have discovered that there was a fifth passenger in the crash that took the life of 16 year old Greg Moyer. They fled the scene after the accident and their identity has not been revealed. The accident happened last Thursday and Moyer was killed by blunt force trauma to his head while riding in the back seat of a 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier.


Man Calls 911 and gets Arrested for DUI

Possibly butt dialed police

Youngsville, PA –

An unidentified Warren County man who called 911 was arrested for DUI. When a State Trooper responded to a hangup call from the address of the 27 year old  Youngsville man he pulled into the driveway behind the police seemingly drunk. No charges have been levied against the man while the results of a blood test are waited for.


Franklin Man Injured in Sugarcreek Vehicle Crash

Larry Vannel was sent to UPMC Northwest last Thursday morning

Sugarcreek, PA –

Larry Vannel of Franklin suffered multiple injuries in a one vehicle accident in Sugar Creek. Vannel’s 2016 Dodge Dart collided with a utility pole and a tree around 6:20am and he was transported to UPMC Northwest for treatment.


Bob Deweese Vows to Return to Court

The former speaker was convicted of election campaign fraud in 2012

Dauphin County, PA-

A former Speaker of Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives is launching a legal battle to overturn his 2012 conviction. Bill DeWeese claims that his trial for using state funds to pay for his re-election campaign was not fair, because he had two dozen witnesses and some did not get to testify. DeWeese won a related court battle yesterday involving $117,000 of restitution he was sentenced to pay back to the commonwealth after a judge ruled in his favor, following a precedent that Pennsylvania cannot be legally considered a victim of a crime.

Now DeWeese seeks to have his entire conviction removed from his record, arguing that 14 of the witnesses in his favor never got a chance to testify on his behalf after a former Dauphin County Judge decided there was no need for more witnesses to testify to the exact same story. The Superior Court later upheld the same but with his new legal victory DeWeese hopes to take his original case further up the judicial ladder.



Mistakes were made

During an early morning version of yesterday’s broadcast a combination of ambiguous tone and language made it seem that there were multiple sexual assaults at Oil City High School. This was not the case and the mistake was corrected as soon as possible. Apologies are offered to Oil City High School, its staff, and the students and their parents.