Newslive 365 for May 8th, 2017

Roof Collapses on Old Mill Restaurant

The Moss Lumber Company Building is the second Crawford County Landmark destroyed in May

Cochranton, PA –

A second landmark in Crawford County destroyed in a week’s time the former Moss Lumber Company Building which contained The Old Mill Restaurant. Around 6:30 on Saturday morning employees arrived to find the roof over the dining room had collapsed all the way into the building’s basement. According to neighbors there was a loud noise between 10:45 and 11:00pm but nobody witnessed the collapse happen or saw the damage until the business was about to open. It is assumed that a section of flat roof over top the dining area was filled with water from the near constant rain last week and the weight is what caused the collapse.


Two Locals Face Charges in PSU Hazing Death

Former Beta Theta Phi members hail from Erie County

Center County, PA –

Two Erie County natives are among 18 fraternity members charged with crimes in the February death of Tim Piazza. Joseph Sala of Erie and Parker Yochim of Waterford were members of the Beta Theta Phi fraternity present on ‘Pledge Night’ when Piazza was forced to consume a lethal amount of alcohol and fell down the house stairs. Four brothers in the fraternity moved Piazza to a couch in the fraternity’s great hall and tried to rouse Piazza but he did not respond so they left him to sleep it off. Eventually another member strapped a backpack to Piazza to prevent him from rolling over onto his back and suffocating if he vomited.

For the next 12 hours Tim Piazza was more or less alone and tried several times to get up and move but ended up falling to the floor. He was roughly put back on the sofa by other frat members once but got up again, falling for a third time where he lay ignored by some of his frat brothers who stepped over him as he lay on the floor. Sometime between 7 and 8pm Tim tried once more to stand and fell down the basement stairs. He wasn’t discovered until around 10am and it was another quarter hour before anyone called for help.

Surgeons at Hershey Medical center worked to save Timothy’s life but he was pronounced dead at 1:23 in the morning on February 4th, 80% of his blood had pooled in his abdomen from internal bleeding and his estimated BAC at the time of his initial fall was 0.36, four times the legal limit to drive. Most of the fraternity members facing charges are looking at manslaughter. After the incident Penn State has banned the Beta Theta Phi organization from their campus.


Teacher accused of Relationship with Student

Arrest made after OCPD investigation

Oil City, PA –

A second teacher, this one from OIl City faces trial for having a relationship with a student. Shawn McLoughlin is accused of starting a relationship with a 16 year old student three years ago which included intimate relations during school hours and while he was her instructor. OCPD’s case against McLoughlin includes messages sent between the couple and eyewitness accounts including testimony from the victim. McLoughlin turned himself in after an arrest warrant was issued and he has been charged with a third degree felony of Corruption of a Minor, Sexually Based Offenses with bail set at $100,000.


Detours, Detours, Detours

PennDOT reminder to morotists

Crawford County, PA –

Penndot wants to remind motorists not exit I-79 to route 285 East. The bridge on 285 is currently out until the 26th and you should take Meadville Exit 147A and follow the detour on route 6/19.