News Live 365 for May 5th, 2017

Rouseville Teen Killed, Others Injured, in Crash

Police say crash was DUI related

Cornplanter Township, Venango County, PA –

Gregory Moyer, a 16 year old Rouseville Teen was killed in a one car accident in Venango County’s Cornplanter Township. The car’s driver and two other teens suffered injuries ranging from minor to serious. Gregory was a passenger in a 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier that was heading down Union Street at around 1:15am when the driver lost control and the car headed into a ditch and made contact with the berm on the left of the car’s front bumper. The roof of the car collided with the branch of a tree that overhung the ditch and collapsed on the drivers side; Moyer was killed by trauma to his head from that impact. The car’s driver 18 year old Austin Clever is said to have been under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash but currently he has not been charged with any crimes.

The other passengers in the car were injured as well. The driver is suspected to have suffered minor injuries and was wearing a seatbelt. A 15 year old boy from Oil City was not using a seatbelt and suffered serious injuries and a 17 year old boy also from Oil City suffered minor injuries but it is unknown if he had a seatbelt. All four teens were students at Oil City High School which is offering access to grief counselors and held assemblies to discuss driving and the use of alcohol.


Investigation into Riverside Inn Fire

Fire looks accidental

Cambridge Springs, PA –

Three days into his investigation the Fire Marshal has determined that the fire that burned down the Riverside Hotel originated in the kitchen.Trooper Jason Sider who serves as a full time fire marshall told journalists that at this point the fire appears accidental.


Russel Owens Enters Guilty Plea

Will pay back $77,000 to Street Track N’ Trail

Meadville, PA –

Russell Owens pleaded guilty yesterday to five counts related to the theft of $77,000 from Street Track and Trail while he worked there in 2014 and 15. As part of his plea agreement Owens is to make restitution for the money he took; the rest of his sentence has not yet been decided. Owens guilty plea is to four counts of Theft by Unlawful taking and one count of Theft by Deception. During his tenure as Chief Operating Officer Owens deposited dozens of checks from the company into his own personal account.


Head of Clarion County Meth Ring Handed 19 to 38 Year Prison Sentence

Terry McIntyre was found guilty of 47 charges by a jury

Clarion, PA –

Prosecution of members of a meth ring Clarion wrapped up last night with the sentencing of the group’s ringleader Terry McIntyre. Terry was sentenced to 19 to 38 years in State Prison, he will also be receiving additional time for failure to appear in court when his verdict was read. McIntyre was found guilty of multiple counts each of manufacture of methamphetamine, conspiracy to manufacture, manufacture of methamphetamine with children present; solicitation to acquire pseudoephedrine for manufacture, possession of pseudoephedrine with intent to manufacture; and reckless endangerment earlier this year.

During the sentencing hearing Clarion County District Attorney Mark Aaron stated his belief that McIntyre with his previous criminal history was not interested in rehabilitation and his sentence should instead be intended to keep him of Clarion’s Streets where he could commit more crimes. After the sentencing DA Aaron delivered a statement where he referred to McIntyre as a predator who lured children into meth addiction and plague on the community


Erie’s Vacant Lots Could Become Farms

Erie could join other Great Lakes cities by promoting urban farming

Erie, PA –

Could vacant lots in the city of Erie become urban farmland? It’s getting serious consideration. On Wednesday Erie’s City Council seriously considered the proposition and discussed changing zoning laws to sell unused land to people who want to use it for crops in a public meeting. The cities of Chicago, Cleveland, and Detroit all have their own urban farming programs that have been highly successful. They beautify the city, provide tax revenue, and provide residents with local produce right from their own neighborhoods.