News Live 365 for May 4th, 2017

NRDC Rates PA High on List of States with Worst Drinking Water

Pennsylvania is a top 5 offender

Harrisburg, PA –

Pennsylvania ranks as one of the worst states in the nation for drinking water safety violations. About 45% of PA residents rely on drinking water that fails to meet the standards of the Safe Water Drinking Act according to a report by the Natural Resources Defense Council which puts the Commonwealth at third on the list of the 12 worst offenders. 5.6 million of Pennsylvania’s 12.8 million residents are served by water systems reporting violations, including failure to treat water, excessive levels of contaminants such as arsenic or coliform bacteria, and failure to test water or report test results.

Also according the the NRDC report most of the transgressions, even the most serious health risks, are rarely enforced because of lack of oversight from the EPA. Erik Olsen who is one of the report’s co-authors says, “Unfortunately, what we have is no ‘cop’ on the beat. No one is really enforcing the law in the vast majority of cases.”

The EPA says that chronic understaffing from years of budget cuts have prevented them from properly enforcing or even keeping track of violations of the law which have doubled in Pennsylvania in the last five years. The EPA estimates that upgrading water infrastructure nationwide to address the problems would require an investment of up to $380 billion. An unlikely prospect any time soon.


Traffic Stop Becomes Drug Bust

A mason jar full of weed found during traffic stop

Sligo, PA –

While issuing a ticket in Sligo to James Patton of Fairmount City for driving with a suspended license a State Trooper noticed the smell of Marijuana. Searching the car yielded an entire mason jar full of the substance plus, another baggy full, and some related paraphernalia charges are pending.


McDowell Scores High in National Academic Decathlon

Trojans come in third place

Erie, PA –

Congratulations to McDowell’s Academic Decathlon team for placing third in the nation in the online national large school competition. Of sixteen qualifying teams McDowell’s brainiacs only came behind Dulles High of Texas and El Camino Charter of California. The Trojans are mentored by Teacher Daniel Andrzejczak and its team members are students Ben Fugate, Jensen Bendig, Dave Wang, Hunter Mott, Wolfgang Mueller, Tyler Lyons, Rachel Flanagan, Hannah Silbaugh, and Kohl Kellogg.

The Academic Decathlon’s Online National Competition is held annually and only the best scoring teams in the country participate in the finals. It has three categories that schools compete in depending on the size of their student bodies – small, medium, and large.


At Least Four Tornadoes Spawned from Monday’s Storm

Butler and Clarion County both confirmed twisters

Pittsburgh, PA –

Meteorologists confirm that Monday’s storm spawned tornadoes in Butler and Clarion Counties. Investigators from the National Weather Service say that a total of four EF0 rated twisters touched down in the two counties. In Butler County one funnel briefly touched down on Main Street in Prospect at about 2:30pm and caused damage to trees, houses, and utility poles along the intersection with Douglas Street. A second funnel touched down along El Dorado Road just before 3pm and tore up some trees in the woods adjacent to the road.

In Clarion County both twisters appeared at around 3:30pm in areas that are virtually unpopulated. One spent a few minutes around the area of Turkey Ridge in Farmington Township and crossed State Route 36. The other formed near Cooksburg and loitered around the line between Clarion and Forest Counties. All four tornadoes were rated as EF0 on the Fujita Scale which measures the power of storms from 0 to 5. The winds of each funnel did not exceed 85 miles per hour.


PA State Senator/Governor Candidate Tussles with Cameraman

Scott Wagner “Now you’ll see your senator in action!”

York County, PA –

PA Gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner got in a scuffle with a cameraman at an event in York County on Tuesday. After identifying the cameraman as being from a progressive organization in Washington DC a scuffle ensued in which Wagner tried to take the videographers camera equipment. The incident has many questioning whether Senator Wagner is prepared for the governor’s race while others have applauded the man’s gumption. The videographer was at the event on behalf of American Bridge 21st Century in the capacity of a ‘tracker’. Trackers are employed by PACs and Special Interest groups to film the public appearances of political candidates to get information but also to catch gaffes and misstatements by of those candidates. They are commonly used by both sides.