News Live 365 for March 2nd, 2017

Riverside Inn Destroyed in Massive Fire

Fire crews battled for almost 6 hours to stop the flames

Cambridge Springs, PA –

The Riverside Inn has been the largest building in Cambridge Springs since 1888 and dominated the town’s architecture for 130 years but it only took about 5 hours for it to be completely destroyed. The inn has been declared a total loss after a fire that broke out around 1:20am this morning. When fire crews arrived smoke was visible but the flames soon got out of control. Twenty separate fire departments from Crawford and Erie County did their best to battle the fire but the building’s large size and old construction worked against it. By 6:30 this morning all that was left of the main structure were some badly damaged walls and smoldering piles of rubble. The building used for dinner theatre shows was also severely damaged but should be possible to repair.

Monday’s Thunderstorms Cause Chaos

Road closings, power outages,destroyed homes, and more

Northwest PA –

Yesterday’s thunderstorms knocked down trees and power lines throughout the listening area causing intermittent power outages for many and total loss for others. Venango and Mercer Counties were hit especially hard by power outages with over 7,000 homes losing electrical service and work still continues to restore service to hundreds of homes. Roads were temporarily closed because of high water and fallen debris but have since reopened. In Erie County flood waters trapped a car on interchange road, reaching up to the bottoms of the car windows before first responders arrived but the waters have since receded. There are also unconfirmed reports of of possible tornadoes in Butler and Mercer Counties in areas that are sparsely populated.


Man Drowns in Reservoir on Own Property

Roberty “Bob” Weaver drowned in five feet of water

New Bethlehem, PA –

Reports of another drowning death this weekend, this time in Clarion County. Bob Weaver of New Bethlehem slipped and fell into a spring water reservoir he was cleaning on his property and had drowned before anyone found him. He was discovered by his wife who immediately called emergency services but they were too late to save him.


Students Protest Changes in Union City Schools

200 or more high school students walked out to protest teacher furloughs and more

Union City, PA –

Yesterday morning hundreds of Union City High School Students braved the weather and left class to protest against decisions made by the school board. Key in their protests was the furlough of a favorite teacher, Mr. Tim Becker but students also protested about changes in the school curriculum and other issues. Some members of the Senior class that were picketing outdoors offered comments to reporters on the scene “His [Mr. Becker’s] teachings, his lessons is something that sticks with students throughout their whole lives,” Riley Cross said, “And I hope they just decide to listen to the students, for once,”

Alexis Webster told reporters “I hope this gets the attention of the administration.  Hopefully this gets the attention of the school board, show that we are not happy about this, that we did not want this, and hopefully they’ll re-vote and reconsider,”

Dr, Sandra Meyers, the school Superintendent, said she was proud of the students for standing up for what they believe but they would all be cited with illegal absences for leaving class.


Funny Money is Not Humorous

Customers trying to pass off fake bills for legal tender

Mercer County and Lawrence County, PA  –

In Lawrence and Mercer County one or more individuals have been paying for items with fake money. The counterfeit bills are in the $100 denomination and can be easily identified as they are stamped with FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY on both sides. Police advise that if you own a or work for a business where someone pays using fake bills please remember as many details as you can about the individual  then keep the false bills separate from your legal money as evidence and call the police.


State Route 198 by Saegertown to Close Soon

Another detour will be established

Saegertown, PA –

Penndot is announcing yet another detour in the Saegertown area. Route 198 will be closed for about a month on the South side where it connects with route 19, the detour will utilize route 86 and Erie Street while the new roundabout is connected to the main roads running through town.