News Live 365 for April 28th, 2017

Trespasser Caught for Theft and Meth

Timothy Burrows is not very good at breaking bad

Meadville, PA –

Trespassing, petty theft, and methamphetamine – what could possibly go wrong? When workers from Lloyd’s Rentals in Meadville saw Timothy Burrows wandering the property and behaving strangely they called State and Local police. At about 7am Wednesday Morning When he was discovered by State Trooper and Meadville PD Burrows had plundered a Bosch Range Finder, four portable radios, batteries, a fire extinguisher, three shirts, some rope, and various other small items from some cranes stored in an outbuilding. They also found in his possession a one pot meth lab.


National Prescription Drug Takeback Day Tomorrow

State Police will help you dispose of any unused/unwanted prescriptions.

Tomorrow is National Prescription Drug Takeback Day and Pennsylvania’s State Police will be accepting unused prescription and over the counter medications at some barracks from 10am to 2pm.The service is free and completely anonymous. Go to for more information on where you can drop off unwanted pills.


Drunk Driver from New York Fleas Pennsylvania State Troopers

Mick Peterson thought he had escaped but they already had his name and address

Sugar Grove, PA –

A drunken New York man fled from State Police Outside of Sugar Grove after a traffic stop. Mick Peterson was in the middle of a field sobriety test when he jumped back into his car and escaped from troopers who called the chase off because of dust and poor disability by fleeing down dirt roads.  They sent him a court summons in the mail.


Tyrant’s Bench to be Returned to Donors

Oil City cannot afford a legal battle to keep the bench in justice park

Oil City –

Concern over legal representation has lead Oil City’s Council to unanimously decide to remove the Tyrant’s bench from Justus Park and return it to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of Oil City. The granite bench which is inscribed  “Men Who Aren’t Governed By God Will Be Governed By Tyrants” was the focus of a lawsuit from the American Atheist Legal Council which said displaying the bench in a government funded park violated the establishment clause of the First Amendment. Oil City’s government determined to return the bench on last night’s city council meeting after they were advised a legal battle could take years and cost millions of dollars, the city would also not be able to hire their own lawyer and would have to rely on legal counsel provided by their insurance company.


Plane Lands on Erie Golf Course

Millcreek Golf Course fairway becomes temporary landing strip

Erie, PA –

The Millcreek Golf Course became a runway for a small plane making an emergency landing. After the engine failed on a plane being piloted by an instructor from North Coast Flight School they had to put the plane down on the course yesterday around 4:30 in the afternoon.