News Live 365 for April 27th, 2017

Kentucky Man Injured in Hit and Run

Driver hits motorcycle and flees scene

Shippenville, PA –

A hit and run outside of Sweet Basil Restaurant in Shippenville on Tuesday left a man hospitalized. An unidentified gold colored car collided with a BMW touring motorcycle and slammed its rider into another car, the driver of the first car fled the scene and Sugarcreek Police are searching for clues. The driver of the motorcycle is from Kentucky, he was alert and responsive when rescue teams arrived, according to Shippenville-Elk Fire Chief Jeremy Hallberg he was taken to UPMC Presbyterian for treatment and evaluation.


New Bills Headed for Pennsylvania Senate

Liquor control and animal welfare on the docket

Harrisburg, PA –

A busy week in the Pennsylvania State House has lead to the passage of bills on liquor control reform and protections for animals. One bill could end the Liquor Control Board’s monopoly on sales of booze and the second would create a felony charge for animal abuse.

Three bills focusing on Pennsylvania’s alcohol laws were recently passed through the house. The first of these bills would create a franchise liquor license that would allow retailers to sell wine and spirits. The second known colloquially as the Free the Wine Act would allow grocery stores to sell wine without any kind of seating requirement in their store. Finally the third bill which would divest the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board entirely from the business of selling wines and spirits in state run stores. All three of these bills have an uncertain future in the Senate and Governor Wolf has signalled that he will likely attempt to veto the first and third bill.

House Bill 1238 if passed would amend the Commonwealth’s statutes on animal cruelty laws to include a felony level charge. HB1238 is widely based off of last year’s Libre’s Law which was originally created by Rep. Ryan Bizzarro of Erie County but was introduced too late in the year to reach the Governor’s desk. Libre’s law was inspired by the plight of a Boston Terrior named Libre in Lancaster PA. HB1238 passed by a wide majority and includes a provision that would prevent serial animal abusers from owning any more pets.


Erie Jr. Philharmonic says Goodbye to Conductor

Robert Dolwick has directed the orchestra for 25 years

Erie, PA –

This Sunday the Erie Jr. Philharmonic says goodbye to its conductor of 25 years. Robert Dolwick announced his upcoming retirement after one more farewell concert this weekend at the Cole Auditorium. A national search for Dolewick’s replacement begins soon.


Kennderdale Teen Arrested for Drug Delivery

Caught with junk in his trunk

Sugarcreek, PA –

An 18 year old from Kennerdale was arrested for attempting to deliver drugs in Sugarcreek. It is alleged Kody McClung was caught with a mostly empty case of beer in his car and a partially filled beer can under his seat, he also had what was described as a significant amount of marijuana in the trunk. He also admitted to having smoked marijuana himself less than 2 hours prior and was in possession of a stun gun that he failed to disclose, an officer nearly was shocked by the device. McClung was originally pulled over in a Sheetz parking lot because the trunk of his car was open.


Erie Insurance Issues Lawsuits in Titusville Fire

Seeks to recoup some of the $5.25 million in insurance payoffs

Titusville, PA –

The underwriter for the city of Titusville’s Town Square Building is filing a lawsuit against six separate parties in relation to the March 2015 fire. Erie Insurance seeks to reclaim some of the more $5.2 million it’s had to pay out to cover the cost of the insurance policies on the building. 17 counts are alleged in the lawsuit which names contractors, architects, and even a private citizen in its quest to reclaim losses. Targets of the Lawsuit include Weber Murphy Fox Inc, Karpinski Engineering Inc, Ruthrauff Inc, and Rabe Environmental Systems as well as Lukasiak Construction by alleging that they were all negligent in designing and installing a fourth floor sprinkler system that failed to protect the void space between the fourth floor and the roof. They also allege that fire walls and fire stops installed in the Town Square building were not up to code and insufficient to stop the spread of fire.

The lawsuit also includes Christina Schneider who owned an adjacent building in which a fire had started the day before. They claim negligence on behalf of Schneider who allegedly allowed several unsupervised juveniles into a storage area of her building that may have contributed to a fire in her building the day before. They also claim she was negligent in the installation of proper smoke and fire detectors or suppression system and failed to ensure that a fire at her property was not properly extinguished and allowed to rekindle.

No court date has been set.


Man Arrested after Terrorizing Ex-Girlfriend

Edward Krisinsky fired a gun into the floor of her home, threatened to kill her

Linesville, PA –

Edward Krisinsky of Linesville was arraigned yesterday morning after threatening to murder his ex-girlfriend and firing a handgun near her. He was arraigned yesterday morning for terroristic threats, simple assault, reckless endangerment, and harassment. According to Police Krisinsky was arguing with his ex-girlfriend because she did not want to get back together with her. He took the woman’s own 9mm pistol from inside her home and threatened to kill her and then commit suicide if they could not be together.


Mistakes and Retractions

Over the air we reported that Erie Insurance’s lawsuit targets five parties when it targets six.