Radio News for April 25th, 2017

Man Threatens his Mother and her Granddaughter with Knives

Micheal Gleason of Meadville told them he wanted their souls

Harmonsburg, Pa –

Michael Gleason of Meadville was arrested Sunday for making terroristic threats toward his mother and one of her grandchildren while armed with multiple knives. Gleason’s mother reported to State Police that he was armed with several knives when he threatened them and that he at one point lunged toward her 16 year old Granddaughter with hiss hand on one of the weapons. The threats were particularly chilling as he purportedly told both of them he wanted to take their souls. Gleason was arraigned Monday on charges of terroristic threats and harassment, he remains in Crawford County Jail on $20,000 bail.


Erie Zoo Loses Favorite Lion

Jala the Lioness had a large cancerous tumor that grew in only two weeks

Erie, PA –

The Erie Zoo’s lioness Jala died on Friday after being diagnosed with a strain of cancer that that grew rapidly. In just two weeks a softball sized mass grew behind her jaw, preventing her from moving her mouth and causing her great pain, the tumor was inoperable and she had to be euthanized. During a dental examination on April 5th Jala showed no indication of any kind of growth or tumor but she did have some swelling that lead to the removal of two teeth. On Friday the 21st Jala was no longer eating and behaving oddly; she also had swelling on her face. A second examination revealed the mass which was believed to be a tumor.


Conspiracy to Tattoo a Minor

Two Oil City residents face charges for tattooing a 14 year old boy without parental consent

Oil City, PA –

A tattoo on a 14 year old teenager has lead to two Oil City City residents being charged with endangering the welfare of children and conspiracy to tattoo a minor. While the teen was staying at the house of Sabrina Vanwormer she allegedly took him to Chaotic Ink where Joshua Campbell tattooed him without permission from the parents. The tattooist Joshua Campbell admitted to tattooing the teenager but claimed he thought he was 18 years old, but he did not identify him before moving forward with the procedure. Vanwormer is the mother of one of the teen’s friends who is said to have taken him to get the tattoo last December.


Guilty Plea in Cochranton Assault Case

Bradley Simmons pleaded guilty to unlawful restraint and simple assault

Meadville, PA –

Yesterday a Venango County man pleaded guilty to his part in a group assault on a man in a Cochranton Park last August. Bradley Simmons of Clintonville admitted to being a part of a group of two adults and six teenagers that restrained, terrorized, and assaulted a man whom a teenage girl claimed had inappropriate photographs of her on his phone. He remains free on bond until his sentencing in June and as part of his plea deal charges of conspiracy and terroristic threats were dropped.

Jolene Webber of Polk still has to face her trial date and the six teenagers are being handled through the juvenile court system. The victim of their attack wishes to remain anonymous. He was beaten, humiliated, and held against his will for about two hours on the 14th of August 2016 and also had his phone stolen.


Meadville Medical Center Receives Top Marks from Safety Watchdog

Only area hospital to receive an A rating from Leapfrog

Meadville, PA –

Formerly known as Hospital Safety Scores, The Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade is a rating assigned to more than 2,600 hospitals across the United States semi-annually. It measures patient safety at each facility based on 30 specific hospital criteria from data gathered from organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to come up with a letter grade on a scale from A (highest) to F (lowest) which represents a hospital’s overall performance in keeping patients safe from preventable harm and medical errors. The Leapfrog score has become standard measure for the AARP, New York Times, and NBC News.

Leapfrog itself is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving hospital safety standards and quality of treatment across the nation. Meadville Medical Center is the sole regional hospital to receive an A rating in this Spring’s grading period with Seneca’s UPMC Northwest being awarded a B rating. C Ratings were assigned to the majority of the regions hospitals including UPMC Hamot and St Vincent in Erie, UPMC Horizon in Greenville, Clarion Hospital, Warren General Hospital, Ashtabula County Medical Center, and the rest.