Radio News for April 19th, 2017

“Facebook Killer” Kills Self in Erie

Steve Stephens shot himself rather than be arrested by State Police

Erie, PA –

The three day manhunt for the infamous Facebook Killer Steve Stephens ended in Erie yesterday morning when Stevens took his own life after a short pursuit by State Police. On Easter Sunday Stephens shot and killed 74 year old Robert Godwin Sr. and then posted it to Facebook. Stephens then went on the lamb with information being sent across the country to locate the killer who claimed he would do it again.

With the whole of the United States searching for the killer it was McDonald’s employees working the drive through on Buffalo Road just outside of Erie barely 100 miles from Cleveland that noticed him and called the State Police. While troopers responded the drive through attendant distracted Stephens by acting as if his order was delayed while they cooked fresh fries. Stephens was unwilling to wait and left the drive through but State Police had already closed in on him. 

A short chase ensued, State Police as well as local officers from Wesleyville pursued Stephens for about a mile westward on Buffalo Road heading toward Roger Young Park. When the opportunity presented itself one trooper used a PIT maneuver, pushing against the rear quarter panel of the car with their front bumper and causing the car to spin out uncontrollably and come to a complete stop across from the Burton Elementary School building. It was then according to State Police that Stephens used a handgun to take his own life rather than be arrested.


Man Assaults Forrest County Deputies During Traffic Stop

Timothy Redmond was mad about a traffic stop in front of his home

Kingsley Township, Forest County, PA –

On Friday a Forrest County man allegedly assaulted two Sheriff’s Deputies for conducting a traffic stop in front of his yard. The altercation began when Timothy Redmond approached two deputies in a “highly agitated and intoxicated state” demanding they conduct the traffic stop somewhere else before striking one of them. 

At about 11:30pm On Friday April 15th two deputies of the Forrest County Sheriff’s Department pulled over a vehicle for a traffic violation when Redmond interrupted the proceedings to shout profanities at the deputies and demand they move the traffic stop elsewhere. The two deputies tried to convince Redmond to go back inside and informed him that he interrupting the traffic stop but when he persisted they attempted to arrest him for disorderly conduct and public intoxication. Redmond became combative and struck a deputy with a closed fist, it took both deputies to wrestle the man to the ground and place him in handcuffs.


Pennsylvania Senate Committee Votes on Guns in Schools

SB 383 has it’s first major consideration today

Harrisburg, PA –

The Pennsylvania Senate’s Education Committee will be taking a vote on a bill that would allow school personnel to carry concealed and loaded weapons on school grounds. SB 383 is intended to provide protection and defense for school students and teachers but the National School Safety Security Service does not recommend it, every study conducted on the idea by the organization advises against it. Susan Spicka is the director for the Education Voters of Pennsylvania group and also says that there is no evidence arming school personnel does anything to improve student safety.


Troopers Investigate Assault Case in Union City

Mallorie Michael suffered severe bruising to her face and eyes

Union City, PA –

State Police from Corry are investigating an unusual and seemingly random assault that took place last Tuesday. Mallorie Michael of Union City was taking out her garbage when another unknown female attacked her by pulling her hair and punching her face.


Burglary in Atlantic

A handgun and coin collection were stolen

Atlantic, PA –

Meadville State Police are investigating a burglary at the residence of Ronald Feldmiller of Atlantic. The robbers took 65 gold president quarters, 20 rolls of state quarters, and a Black H&R .22 caliber handgun with a 12 inch barrel. Anyone who may have information should call PSP Meadville at (814)332-6911.