Radio News for April 17th, 2017

Police Search for Leads in Easter Hit and Run Death

An 85 year old man was killed by a black sedan

Erie, PA –

Millcreek Police are searching for a car and driver involved in the hit and run killing of an 85 year old man. Near the corner of Lancaster road and West 38th street at around 2am a black Honda sedan struck and dragged the man down the road then fled the scene. The car should have front end damage, anyone who may have information about the vehicle or driver should call Millcreek Township Police at (814)833-7777 or (814)838-9515.


Ashtabula Deputies Shoot Armed Man Before Easter

The man pointed a loaded hunting rifle at deputies after taking cover behind a bar

Colebrook Township, Ashtabula County, OH –

Two Ashtabula county sheriff’s deputies were forced to shoot and kill a man the day before Easter when he pointed a rifle at them. The deputies were responding to a fight between two brothers in Colebrook Township and one of them pointed a hunting rifle at the deputies after fleeing behind a barn. According to Sheriff Bill Johnson deputies had spent 20 minutes trying to talk the man down and get him to drop the weapon but he refused, ultimately ending in his death when deputies defended themselves. The County is following standard procedure and both officers involved in the shooting are on administrative leave while the shooting is investigated.


Man Tries to Escape OCPD in Car

Kenneth Fentem was too drunk to get far

Oil City, PA –

Late on Thursday night Kenneth Fentem decided he could outrun Oil City Police while drunk when they tried to initiate a traffic stop. A police Lt. finally stopped Fentem and was met with thrown car keys and verbal abuse for his trouble and Fentem spent a couple of nights in Venango County Jail with $5,000 bail.


Curbside recycling Mandatory in Conneaut Lake

Town council voted 4-2 to implement new rules, 5-1 to remove city funded bins

Conneaut Lake, PA –

Beginning on the first of May the old recycling bins in Conneaut Lake will be replaced with Mandatory curbside recycling for all 290 households. Conneaut Lake Boro’s board believes that curbside recycling will save money while the bins cost around $22,000 a year – a $24 a year fee will be charged to each resident to pay for the recycling cost.