Radio News for April 10th, 2017

Woman Dies Months After Gun Battle with Husband

Autopsy results for Ida Bush not yet released

Erie, PA –

Ida Bush, who was wounded after exchanging gunfire with her husband on New Year’s Day, died on Friday. After the results of an autopsy Erie Authorities are determining whether to file new charges against her husband Joe Bush who already faces aggravated assault and reckless endangerment. The autopsy took place on Saturday in Cleveland Ohio to determine the cause of the woman’s death who has been hospitalized ever since she received a stomach wound after a gun battle in their home; its unclear whether she died from direct complications to her bullet wounds or from another cause and authorities have yet to release the autopsy’s findings.


Conneaut Lake Park Celebrates 125 Years Despite Setbacks

Its a birthday celebration for the park

Conneaut Lake, PA –

Conneaut Lake Park will be celebrating its 125th anniversary on May 20th with a birthday celebration and pre opening day dance party. The event is sponsored by Friends of Conneaut Lake Park and the Hotel Conneaut. Doors  to the Hotel Ballroom will open at 6pm and the party will go from 7 to 11, food can be purchased and the cash bar will also be open during the event. Birthday Cake and ice cream will be available courtesy of the Conneaut Lake Historical Society for a $2 donation. Tickets for the party are on sale at the Hotel Conneaut, Crawford County Visitors Bureau The Berry Basket in Downtown Conneaut Lake, and starting on April 29th the Conneaut lake Area Historical Society Museum.


Should Meadville’s Water be Fluoridated?

Debate sparks in Crawford County

MeadvillePA –

Is it unethical to use a public water supply to supply medications, however beneficial, to the public at large? That’s becoming a major topic of discussion in the City of Meadville this year. Recently whether or not to add fluoride to the city of Meadville’s water supply is becoming a topic of debate. Meadville’s water authority is considering adding the mineral to promote public health and both opponents and supporters will be able to attend a public meeting some time next month.

Opponents claim ethical reasons for not fluoridating the water, and one prominent opponent is a retired chemist named Ron Greinke who spoke to a crowd at an event sponsored by Clean Water Meadville. During his presentation he mentioned a condition named dental fluorosis which is a disorder that can cause hypo-mineralization of teeth especially in children. Proponents point out that Fluoride is already present in very small amounts in virtually all water and that the fluoridation process only increases the level to a point where it becomes beneficial in fighting tooth decay.

A public meeting will be held by members of the water authority in May to discuss the issue with the general public. Meadville Area Water Authority provides water for more than 16,000 residents in Meadville and Vernon Township, according to their own data Meadville’s water already contains 0.2 parts per million of fluoride which means that there is only one molecule of fluoride for every five million water molecules; the Centers for Disease Control recommends that to fight tooth decay water supplies should contain at least 0.7 parts per million or about one in every 1.5 million water molecules.


State Police on Lookout for Stolen Antique Tractor

The John Deere Model M has not been produced since 1952

Troy Township, PA –

State Police Troopers are investigating the theft of an antique John Deere tractor in northern Crawford County. An unknown person or persons broke into a shed that was nailed shut and stole a Model M at some time between March 27th and April 6th and left in an unknown direction. If you think you have information contact the Corry State Police Barracks at (814)663-2043.