Radio News for April 4th, 2017

East Springfield Teen Accidentally Drowns

Kayaking accident kills 17 year old

Conneaut Valley, PA –

A 17 year old teen killed by accidental drowning Sunday has been identified as Timothy Campbell of East Springfield in Erie County. Campbell was kayaking with a friend on a pond near Conneautville when it capsized and he never resurfaced. Emergency responders from Springboro and Conneautville’s volunteer fire departments were dispatched about about 2 o’clock along with Conneaut Lake Area Ambulance Service but it was too late, Crawford County’s Scuba Team recovered Campbell who was declared dead at Meadville Medical Center at 7:34pm.


Missing Man’s Body Found in Presquile Bay

John Peters death is ruled accidental drowning or hypothermia

Erie, PA –

The story of John Peters Jr. came to a tragic ending on Saturday after Coroner Lyell Cook of Erie County positively identified his remains found floating in Presque Isle Bay. The 91 year old man went missing from his home near farmdale Ohio last February and Erie authorities began searching for him when his van was found in the bay area. On February the 28th Mr. Peters was declared a missing person in Trumbull county Ohio and on the 1st of March his van was found on a pier at East Dobbins Landing with the lights still on and the engine running at around 2:30am. Erie County authorities launched ten separate attempts to locate Peters or his body in March but never found the remains until he was discovered floating in the current on April 1st.


Man Arrested After Backing into Police Car

Braden Flinspach was suspected of DUI when he tried to flee police

Clarion, PA –

Braden Flinspach was arrested in Clarion on Saturday after hitting a police car while attempting to flee Clarion Police. Flinspach backed into the cruiser while trying to escape and continued to flee before he was corralled in a parking lot. Flinspach is charged with Fleeing or Attempting to Elude an Officer, DUI, Reckless Driving, Trespass by Motor Vehicle, Damage Real Property by Operating a Motor Vehicle, Summary, Careless Driving, Violating One Way Roadways, Failure of Duties at a Stop Sign, Failure to Keep Right, Possession of Marijuana, and Use and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. He was released from Clarion County Jail on $50,000 cash bail.


Jury Returns Guilty Verdict for Kyle Starkey

Starkey was already serving 35 years in prison for rape

Ashtabula, OH –

In Ashtabula County a Jury deliberated for four and a half hours before determining Kyle Starkey was guilty in the beating death of Mandy Gottschalk. Starkey was already serving 35 years for rape before he was convicted of murder last Thursday.


New Permit Required for Pheasant Hunting

PA Game Commission seeks to recoup some losses

Harrisburg, PA –

New regulations from the Pennsylvania game commission will require adult pheasant hunters to purchase a new $25 permit along with their general hunting license. The fee is to help recover some of the $4.7 million a year it costs the commission to stock the birds for sportsmen to hunt. Wild pheasant used to be abundant in the commonwealth but overhunting caused dramatic decreases in the population. Pennsylvania’s Game Commission raises about 200,000 birds a year on farms that are then released every hunting season.



Mistakes were made

Yesterday’s radio broadcast mistakenly identified Douglas Leuschen as Douglas Brian.