High School Won’t Allow Granny To Attend Prom:

An Alabama high schooler named Bryce Maine recently asked his grandmother Catherine to go to prom with him because she never went as a teen..
Bryce tells Heat Street that his school refuses to allow his grandmother to attend with him.
His cousin Sarah Facebooked: ”My blood is boiling right now… My little cousin Bryce wanted to take our Grandma to his senior Prom since she has never been. Well after she done bought her dress and made plans, the principal decided that they cannot do that anymore… Like really?! ?????? Eufaula High School let my Grandma go to Prom!”
The school handbook reads: ”The Junior-Senior Prom is a cherished event held in the spring of each year. Attendees must be under the age of twenty and/or should be enrolled at EHS‘… ”