Fugitive from Clarion County

Terry McIntyre guilty of 47 crimes

Clarion County, PA –

A manhunt is on in Clarion County for a man convicted of 47 charges involving meth. Terry McIntyre of Rimersburg cut his ankle bracelet before his third day of trial yesterday morning and is on the run, the jury convicted him in absentia, he is a white male with dark hair that has white ends, he can be identified by a growth underneath his right eye. Anyone who has information on McIntyre’s whereabouts should call the Clarion State Police at (814)226-1710 and is advised not to approach or engage with him because he may be dangerous.


Erie Police Search for Missing Woman

Misty Lee Wells has been missing since last Wednesday

Erie, PA –

Misty Lee Wells of Erie has been missing since March 22nd. Misty was last seen at 10pm near East 18th and Parade Street in Erie wearing a blue sweatshirt, jeans, and brown boots, she is a white female with brown hair and eyes. If you have information please call detective Suchy immediately at (814)870-1161.


Tuttle Punished by Other School Board Members

Glenn Tuttle was stripped from several committees for Facebook Comments

Meadville, PA –

They may lack the authority to get rid of him but that didn’t stop the Crawford Central School Board from removing controversial member Glenn Tuttle from all is committee positions Tuesday Night. He was also removed from his post as the district’s representative to the Pennsylvania School Board Association. All of this comes in the wake of Tuttle’s refusal to resign from the school board after the board’s president sent him a certified letter asking for his resignation over comments made on Facebook in December that were critical of then President Elect Donald Trump and his supporters. Several votes were taken, one for each committee position held by Tuttle, with the exact same result; the board voted 7-1 with Tuttle himself abstaining and Frank Schreck opposed on the grounds that the board should have no control over the personal lives of its members, “For a government agency, which we are, to attempt to control the thoughts and voice of its elected members borders on a kind of government that is definitely not democracy,” he said.