Radio News Update for March 10th, 2017

Eric Frein Trial About to Begin

Frein is accused of killing a police officer and wounding another

West Chester, PA –

After nearly three years Eric Frein will be going to trial for the shooting of two Pennsylvania State Police Officers. Jury selection has finally begun in his capital murder trial in the shooting that resulted in the death of State Police Corporal Byron Dickson and wounding of Trooper Alex Douglas. Eric Frein is accused of waiting outside a state police barracks on the 12th of September in 2014 and ambushing the two officers as they were outside and he was arrested by the US Marshall service after a 48 day long manhunt; he has been incarcerated ever since. In a letter to his parents Frein is said to have declared his intentions were to start a revolution against the government and a journal allegedly belonging to Frein describes the attack in vivid detail.

Yesterday the first of around 1,200 people selected for the trial’s Jury Pool were interviewed in a process that could take the rest of the month of March to finish. Frein’s criminal trial is expected to begin in April and take as long as 5 weeks. If convicted Frein faces a potential death penalty.


Danny Trejo to Head Erie’s Roar on the Shore

Trejo is known for portraying tough characters in Hollywood and on Television

Erie, PA –

Erie’s Roar on the Shore begins on July the 13th this year and The Grand Marshall for the Bringin’ in the Roar Parade has been publically announced. Danny Trejo famous for his portrayal of tough guys in movies and television will lead the opening day parade. The Roar on the Shore is Erie’s largest motorcycle event and grows in size by leaps and bounds every year. This will be the 11th year for the event.

Danny Trejo turns 73 this month and is one of Hollywood’s most famous tough guys with over 300 acting credits to his name since 1985. Trejo most often portrays villains and anti-heroes and has real life tough man credentials as a one time regular on muscle beach, former prison inmate, and construction foreman before his acting career.


West Forest Elementary Still Closed Due to Boiler Problems

A strange smell has been wafting through the air vents

West Forest elementary school remains closed today while workers attempt to identify the cause of a strange odor emanating from the school’s boiler room. The school has been closed since Wednesday while workmen attempt to repair whatever is causing the odor that has been filling the building since Monday. Originally the boiler work was only thought to require a two hour delay on Tuesday. School superintendent Amanda Hetrick released a statement Wednesday:

West Forest Elementary Staff have been working for the past couple of days to identify an unusual odor. On Monday, when staff arrived at school, the pumps that feed the boilers were switched off. This problem was resolved quickly and the heat came back on. Mid-morning an odor was reported as coming from the boiler room. When the issue was first reported, we confirmed that the alarm in the boiler room, which alerts for carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, propane and natural gas was working properly and none of those gasses were present. We contacted the furnace repairmen. We opened the external door and the smell dissipated almost immediately. The initial investigation led us to believe that the odor was a result of an issue with the pumps over the weekend and that the restarting of equipment was the source of the smell.

It was around 2:00 when the odor was reported again in the area around and above the boiler room. The furnace repairmen were on-site by then and checked the classrooms throughout the building for the presence of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, natural gas and other contaminants. No presence of any of these substances was detectable even in the boiler room where the odor originated.

Because of our concerns about student safety, we planned for a two hour delay on Tuesday to allow time for boiler repairs with the option to cancel school if the repairmen were not able to fix the furnace. Since the ambient air was fairly warm on Tuesday, we also knew that we would be able to simply shut down the boilers while students were in the building if the boilers could not be repaired in time for school to start.

On Tuesday morning, during the school delay, the repairman replaced the regulators on two of the boilers. The repairmen were confident that the issue had been resolved as the furnaces were running, there were no odors, and all equipment checks indicated proper functioning. About an hour after the boilers were reactivated, the odor was reported again. At this time, the boilers were immediately shut down and were off for the rest of the day. The repairmen returned and continued to work, but were unable to find an explanation for the odor.

At this time, we are uncertain of what else might be causing the odor. We are trying to come at the problem from multiple angles and have several experts on-site today to consider multiple factors that could be the source of an unexplained odor.

Since the state requires only 900 hours of instruction for elementary students as opposed to the 990 hours for secondary students, we were able to cancel elementary classes for today and utilize Act 80 (professional development) time for the elementary teaching staff. West Forest High school students are being educated at East Forest for today.