Radio News for March 8, 2017

South Carolina Man Faces Child Rape Charges in Clarion County

Tyler Travers was accused when visiting friends in Monroe Township 

Clarion County, PA –

Tyler Travers of Cowpen South Carolina is accused of a November 6th, 2016 rape of a 12 year old girl in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart in Clarion County. Travers had been a friend of the victim’s family for years and had come up for a visit between November 4th and 8th when the alleged rape took place. On November 6th Travers and the girl went to Wal-mart together to purchase groceries for dinner. The victim testified in a later forensic interview that Travers parked in the far side of the parking lot from the store near a swampy area to do the deed in the back seat of his truck and then parked in the middle near the store before shopping; security footage backed her statement up.

In a telephone interview with a State Police Corporal Tyler Travers is said to eventually have admitted to having sex with the girl and that it was a planned act.


Pennsylvania Auditor General Supports Marijuana Legalization

Eugene DePasquale recommends regulation and taxation instead of a ban

Harrisburg, PA –

The Auditor General of Pennsylvania became the highest ranking official in the State to Vocally support legalization for Marijuana on Monday, “The regulation and taxation of the marijuana train has rumbled out of the station, and it is time to add a stop in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” he remarked at a news conference.

Depasquale called such a policy was a more sane approach to the drug and remarked that it could generate hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue. Seven States: Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Washington D.C have all legalized Marijuana since 2012. Depasquale pointed out that since legalization Colorado which has half the population of Pennsylvania has seen a massive decrease in the number of drug related offenses and raised nearly $130 million from taxes. Philadelphia decriminalized marijuana and saved more than $4.1 million dollars in their law enforcement budget from that measure alone.

“Obviously, regulation and taxation of marijuana is not something that should be entered into lightly. Should Pennsylvania join the growing number of states benefiting financially and socially from the taxation and regulation of marijuana; there are many things to consider, including details about age limits, regulatory oversight, licensing, grow policies, sale and use locations, and possession limitations.” he said.


Fraud Alerts from Local Areas

Possible money order scheme in Franklin

Franklin, PA –

Local businesses in Franklin are asked to be wary for a fraudulent MoneyGram scam after someone was asked in a letter to make a large transfer to Texas. Franklin PD issued the warning Monday.

Titusville Woman Defrauded Out of $2,000

Titusville, Pa –

Marie Rodgers of Titusville was called by a man posing as her grandson and asked for $2,000 in WalMart Gift Cards to pay attorney fees after an accident. She was told to buy them in $500 denominations and give the serial numbers over the phone to someone posing as a lawyer; they then tried to get another $3,000 from her and hung up when she admitted she had no more money.