Frog Net News For March 8th, 2017

The Ellwood City Hospital board of trustees announced Tuesday an agreement has been reached to sell the hospital to Americore Health, LLC. According to the Ellwood City Ledger Carolyn Izzo, the hospital’s president and CEO said the hospital is a valuable asset to the community and like many other small hospitals, faces a constant battle to remain open. She went on to say the agreement with Americore offers a chance to win that battle. Ellwood City Hospital has been a part of the Ellwood City community since 1913

Some healthcare experts in Pennsylvania are criticizing the Republicans’ plan to replace Obamacare.  The state Hospital and Healthsystem Association said yesterday the plan will shift expenses to the poor, threaten Medicaid and jeopardize the ability of hospitals to maintain access to care.  Governor Wolf also slammed the bill saying it will leave fewer people insured and hurt seniors and the disabled.

The Lawrence County Commissoners announced yesterday that cashless tolling will begin on the Beaver Valley Expressway next month.  According to the New Castle News the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission stated the new method of collecting tolls will be tested in Lawerence and Beaver counties. Tolls are assessed electronically as vehicles drive through the toll plazas without stopping and high speed cameras photograph the vehicles license plate. Drivers without EZ-pass will be mailed a bill for their toll.

Federal agents with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration searched a Hermitage home on Tuesday morning. WKBN-TV is reporting the house is owned by Emil and Maria Koledin. Maria Koledin is on the Hermitage Board of Commissioners. Emil Koledin owns a website registered to Koledin Enterprises, The website sells Nootropics (cognitive enhancers) and performance enhancement products, but it’s unknown if the search was related to that business.

A man is facing charges after allegedly jumping out of an ambulance and running from police.  Officers say Gregory Miller was drunk when he crossed the center line on Route 68 in Oakland Township, hit another vehicle and injured the driver Saturday night.  Miller was also hurt and taken to Butler Memorial, where he jumped out of the ambulance and ran.  He was quickly arrested and confessed to drinking before the crash.

The Butler School Board is starting its search for a new superintendent.  The issue was covered Monday at a public meeting to discuss picking a search firm.  Candidate criteria and a timeline were also hashed out and the board says it would like someone in place by July 1st.  Superintendent Dr. Dale Lumley resigned last month over the district’s handling of high lead levels in the water at Summit Elementary.

Pennsylvania’s Auditor General Eugene DePasquale thinks it’s time to legalize marijuana.  Next year, some people in Pennsylvania will be able to purchase marijuana products for medical use.  DePasquale says it’s time to legalize it for recreational use.  He says legalizing recreational marijuana will generate a lot of tax revenue for the state and create jobs.

PennDOT is training employees at its driver license centers to recognize human trafficking.  The instruction will teach workers how to get help and what kind of information to gather if they suspect potential trafficking.  The department plans to have everyone trained by summer.

One person was taken to the hospital following a two car accident in Mercer Township.  State police in Butler County report 27 year old maria Saunders of Pittsburgh pulled from the intersection of Route 8 and Boyes Road and struck a car oprated by 21 year old Matthew Thraser of Grove City.  A passanger in the Thraser vehicle was taken to Grove City Medical Center for treatment.