Radio News for March 7, 2017

Trucker Arrested for DUI

A truck driver from Colorado was intoxicated on Interstate 80

Scrubgrass Township, Venango County, PA-

On Saturday night a Colorado man was picked up by State Police from Franklin for DUI while driving a semi-truck. Jesse Colpitts tractor trailer was weaving back and forth between lanes heading Eastbound on Interstate 80 when he was stopped. Troopers discovered open containers of alcoholic beverages inside the truck and that Colpitts showed obvious signs of impairment. Colpitts was sent to Venango County jail with $10,000 bail after being arraigned by Judge Fish and State Police say more charges may be filed after the results of a lab test.


Woman Hits Van Full of Students *EDIT*

A school van collided with a Springboro Woman

Saegertown, PA –

A Springboro woman’s car collided with a school van in Saegertown last Wednesday. Jessiann Robertson hit the van when it pulled out onto Route 198 at the intersection on Grant Street without waiting for the road to be clear, a 12 year old girl received a minor injury during the crash and Robertson’s car was disabled. Earlier there was a mistake in reporting the incident: It was the driver of the school van who was at fault for the accident.


Bridge Closing in Meadville

Mercer Street Bridge will close 9am Thursday morning

Meadville and Vernon, PA –

Mercer Street Bridge which connects Meadville and Vernon on the West Side will be closing on Thursday for repair work. A Franklin based company Shingledecker Welding will be making repairs on the Venango side of the bridge that are expected to be finished Thursday afternoon at about 4pm. Smock Bridge and Meade Avenue Bridge will still be open to traffic.


Man Found Dead Near Clarion

Allan Morris’s death ruled suicide

Clarion, PA –

A 51 year old Clarion man was found dead in his vehicle on State Route 322 Sunday. Alan Morris was discovered in his vehicle on River Hill at an area they call ‘The Spring’ and his death has been ruled a suicide. Terry Shaffer declared the victim dead at 2:05pm Sunday.