Radio News for March 1st, 2017

Man Injured in Building Collapse

Unfinished structure at Troyer Growers fell

Waterford, PA –

A building collapse at Troyer Growers outside of Waterford caused one man to be hospitalized. The name of the man was not released but he was taken to UPMC hospital for treatment of moderate injuries. At about 9:40am Tuesday morning a metal frame for a storage shed that was under construction collapsed and entrapped one worker inside. OSHA investigators will be on scene to look into the accident today.


Tibetan Monks to Make Unique Work at Allegheny

The Mandala will only be displayed for one hour

Meadville, PA –

A group of Buddhist Monks from Tibet arrived at Allegheny College yesterday to begin work on a mandala to be displayed in the School’s art galleries. They will work on this unique art piece all hours of the day and night until its completion on about 12:30 Saturday when it will be displayed for one hour and then destroyed. In the traditions of Tibetan Buddhism the sand that creates the complex patterns of the mandala will be swept up and then added into a body of running water to spread it’s sacred blessings far and wide.


Meadville Watering Hole Closed by Fire

Chipper’s Pub Basement Caught Fire Saturday

Meadville, PA –

A Saturday night basement fire has forced Chipper’s Pub of Meadville to close until repairs are finished. There were 28 people in the popular bar on Chestnut Street when the fire started but nobody was harmed. Other than smoke fire damage was mostly contained to the basement and floor of the pub but some water damage spread to adjacent buildings as well.