Radio News for Tuesday February 28th, 2017

Bomb Threat Leads to Evacuation of Elementary School

No actual bomb found

Clarion, PA –

Police continue to investigate the source of a bomb threat that lead to the evacuation of Clarion Area Elementary School. At 10:30 am yesterday morning the school was evacuated and everyone inside transferred to Clarion Are High School after a threatening letter was discovered; fortunately a bomb sniffing dog found no actual device in or around the school and everyone was able to return by 12:45. The investigation is currently being handled by CPD and the Pennsylvania State Police.


Springboro Couple Burgled in Broad Daylight

Suspects lured victims out of home by posing as homebuyers

Springboro, PA –

An Elderly Springboro couple were burglarized in broad daylight friday and State Police in Meadville are looking for leads. Louis and Alice Baker were robbed by a man in a newer model brown Honda or Toyota SUV while an accomplice distracted them by pretending she was interested in their property. When the woman asked to see the property boundaries and walked with the two eighty year old owners an unknown man drove up to their house and managed to load a safe and other items that seemed valuable into the back of the truck. When the couple returned to the house with the accomplice she and the man took off at a high rate of speed. All of this happened on Friday in broad daylight and anyone who might have information should call the State Police in Meadville (814)332-6911.


Parole Officer Discovers Large Amounts of Drugs

Two Oil City women arrested

Oil City, PA –

Two Oil City Women face multiple charges each after a parole officer found large amounts of drugs, firearms, and paraphernalia. The parolee Stacy Dunkle and another resident of the building Mary Seltzer were both arrested and arraigned Friday. An officer of the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole was doing a routine search when he discovered a large bag of Marijuana and a search by OPD eventually revealed more of the drug as well as pipes and straws, methamphetamine, and three firearms; a Hi-Point .45 caliber pistol and a 9mm Hi-Point 9mm carbine rifle. Both women were charged with Conspiracy to Deliver Drugs, Intent to Deliver Drugs, Use/Possession of Paraphernalia, and Intentional Possession of a Controlled Substance By Person Not Registered. Stacy Dunkle also faces two counts of possession of a prohibited weapon.