Radio News for February 22nd, 2017

Man Arrested After Meadville House Fire

Firefighters managed to limit the scope of damage

Meadville, PA –

A man was arrested in connection to a House fire in Meadville on Monday afternoon. Firefighters managed to keep the fire limited to a single room of the house and one of the building’s three residents was taken away in handcuffs but MPD has released no details. Meadville Central Fire, West Mead 1 and 2, Saegertown, and Venango Volunteer Fire Departments all responded to the scene on Randolph Street to stop the fire. The only casualty was a cat.


Pennsylvania Leads Country in ATV Related Deaths

One of twelve states that account for half of all deaths

Washington, DC –

The numbers have been crunched and Pennsylvania is among the leading states for ATV related deaths in the in the entire country. Riding on all terrain vehicles is a popular pastime in most of rural Pennsylvania which accounts for the abnormally high amount of accidents every year. A study compared records from all fifty states from 1982 to 2015 and compared among other things the number of people killed in ATV related accidents. PA is 4th, with Kentucky in fifth, only West Virginia, California, and Texas have more and those five states account for 25% of all ATV accidents in the US. The next seven states Florida, Tennessee, New York, North Carolina, Michigan, Georgia, and Ohio (In order) account for another whole quarter leaving the 38 remaining states to share the rest.

The ATV Safety Institute offers multiple safety tips to prevent accidents and injury while riding such as always wear a helmet and protective gear and never drive on roads. It also offers information on when and where someone could take safety courses and even driving lessons.


Embattled School Board Member Signals Potential Mayoral Run

Glenn Tuttle has become unpopular with hundreds of residents

Meadville, PA –

Glenn Tuttle has signalled an interest in running for higher office despite of or perhaps in spite of calls for his resignation. Last week the school board member mentioned a potential run for City Council or even Mayor of Meadville. Tuttle has become (in)famous for his political commentary on Facebook after posting what could be construed as threats to the President – posting things like “Make America Great Again with a clean headshot” when discussing his disdain for then President Elect Trump last December. A Crawford County based Facebook Group aimed at having Tuttle ousted from the board has attracted nearly 1,000 members but it has not affected Mr. Tuttle’s facebook usage at all.

Tuttle told local media outlets that he uses Facebook to promote his political positions and if people don’t like his opinions they can feel free to not read them. He also did express some regret about the way he words some of his opinions and that he sometimes posts without thinking things through. He would rather keep his posts as is rather than change them however.

A school board meeting on Monday saw three people using the eight minute public commentary period to say that Tuttle should resign and that they don’t want a man who expresses his opinions in that manner representing their children, but Glenn and the other School Board members remained silent about the comments as they went about business as usual. Tuttle’s term on the school board does not end until 2019 when he will be up for re-election and neither he nor other board members showed any interest in his resignation before that time. The next board meeting is scheduled for February 27th at 5:30pm and many of Tuttle’s opponents plan to be there as well.


Oil City Man Causes Drug Induced Car Crash

He was driving in the wrong lane

Franklin, PA –

A drug addled Oil City man caused a major traffic accident on Franklin’s Atlantic Avenue Saturday. Devoente Riedel was DUI on drigs in the opposing lane of traffic when he hit another motorist head on in the middle of an intersection, both he and his victim had to be hospitalized. A summons for DUI has been issued for Riedel who is awaiting a hearing with a judge for his official charges.