NASCAR Fans Upset With Cleavage:

Brobible claims some NASCAR fans are upset with the sport for featuring extremely attractive models in low cut Monster Energy Drink outfits. The ‘Monster Girls’ were shown on camera with Joey Logano following his win in Dayton, Ohio. The models wore black bustiers that showed off their ample cleavage.
NASCAR fans react
Pretty girls and racing go together no argument. However Monster drink I think this is too much. NASCAR IS A FAMILY SHOW!!!
Ya @NASCAR & @MonsterEnergy need to rethink those uniforms for the Monster Energy Girls if they don’t want naughty jokes.
Wow! Sprint Cup girls were replaced with Monster Energy hookers!!! Really??? NASCAR the purpose of these girls unnecessary, always has been!
@DGodfatherMoody Those new Monster energy girls need a few more clothes on in pit lane!