Cops Help Girl With Homework:

Ten year-old Lena Draper recently asked the Marion, Ohio police for help with her homework. She Facebooked the police department with a math question before Lieutenant BJ Gruber responded and helped her with her equation.
Lean tells Inside Edition: “I saw [the Marion, Ohio Police Department] on YouTube, when a boy, a first grader, called the police with a problem. I thought they would know math, and they do.”
BJ tells the show: “This is probably the most unique message I’ve ever had. This is the exact environment we try to nurture – this sense among children that not only can you come to us if you have a problem at home or at school, if we have time, we can answer homework questions too. I love the idea of feeling like we’re meeting needs within the community. I love kids. The fact that I gave her a wrong answer was kind of tough. Math’s the other side of the brain – I’m more of a creative type.”