Tri County Report For February 17th, 2017

A Rochester couple has been charged with endangering the welfare of their child following an accident n Lancaster Township.  According to police the accident took place on Interstate 79 Wednesday night. 22 year old Emily Shontz overdosed on herion as she was a front seat passanger in a car operated by 33 year old Nathon McKee. Police said McKee was found to be driving under the influence of a controlled susbstance while the couple’s one year old son was in the back seat of the car.  Both are charged with endangering. Mckee faces additional charges including driving under the influence of a controlled substance. The two were placed in the Butler County Prison.

A teenager is awaiting sentencing after being found guilty of third-degree murder.  A jury handed down the verdict to 18-year-old Maxwell Morton yesterday.  Prosecutors say Morton shot 16-year-old Ryan Mangan in the face in Jeannette in 2015 and then posed for a selfie with the victim as he bled to death.  Doctors say Mangan could have survived if he received medical care, but instead Morton took the photo and left without calling for help.

A Fayette County man is going to prison for raping a child.  James Grimm received the 16-to-32-year sentence Wednesday.  The victim told police Grimm began forcing himself on her in 2012 when she was 13, and would choke her and order her not to tell anyone.  The abuse lasted for four years and the teen finally told a family member.

State Attorney General Josh Shapiro is stepping up the fight against heroin.  Shapiro announced yesterday that his office has teamed up with local law enforcement to address the problem.  He cited several recent busts as evidence the plan is working.  Shapiro says teams removed more than 14-thousand doses of heroin from the streets this week alone.

The company buying ValleyCare and Sharon Regional Health System has scheduled meetings with the medical staff and other employees of ValleyCare.. Community Health Systems announced on Thursday that the four hospitals are being taken over by the Boston based Steward Health Care of Boston. According to WFMJ-TV Steward Health Care System on Thursday announced it has signed an Asset Purchase Agreement to acquire eight community hospitals affiliated with Community Health Systems.

Former Pitt defensive back Darrelle Revis is facing charges for an incident earlier this week.  Revis is accused of punching two men early Sunday morning in Pittsburgh’s South Side.  Police say one of the men recognized the New York Jets DB and started to follow him and take a video with his cellphone.  Revis allegedly grabbed the phone and tossed it in the street.  An altercation followed and left the two victims unconscious for about ten minutes.  Revis is charged with robbery and terroristic threats among other things.

Pennsylvania is one of the worst states for structurally sound bridges.  The commonwealth was second to Iowa in the number of deficient bridges in the newest edition of the American Road and Transportation Builders Association rankings.  Nearly 20-percent of bridges in Pennsylvania need work.  The Federal Highway Administration says an average of about 20-billion-dollars per year is needed for the next 16 years to fix the bridges.

The state Department of Environmental Protection has definitively linked a series of “low-magnitude” earthquakes in Lawrence County to the hydraulic fracturing process used in gas drilling. The Ellwood City Ledger reports According to a release from the DEP, a series of earthquakes occurred just after 4 a.m. April 25 last year in North Beaver, Union and Mahoning townships.  The DEP arrived at its conclusion after an “extensive review by DEP and scientific and industry partners.”

Inside Butler County reports the Butler County Commissioner are borrowing 15 million dollars for a new 911 center. The commissioners unanimously approved the measure on Wednesday. The majority of the money, at least 13.5 million dollars will go toward the 911 systme. The remaining dollars would build out the ground floor of the government annex bulding, which was constructed a few years ago to house the human services department.