Radio News for February 13th, 2017

Eighty People Left Without Homes After Apartment Arson

Albion, PA –

80 people were left without homes after an arsonist burned down a portion of an apartment building in Albion on Thursday. Authorities arrested Charlie Beck, a resident of the building, and charged him with arson after alleging that he started the fire in a third floor storage room near his apartment. The fire happened at the Barnett Building and as of this morning there was no word on when residents would be able to return to their apartments and which ones would need rebuilt and residents that could not find places to stay were put up in hotels or taken to a shelter set up by The Red Cross.

Beck is currently lodged in Erie County Jail and has been charged with Arson, Risking a Catastrophe, Criminal Mischief, Reckless Endangerment, and Tampering with Evidence; his bail was set at $250,000.


Attorney General Investigating Mercer County District Attorney

Mercer County, PA –

The Pennsylvania Attorney General is investigating Mercer County’s Chief Prosecutor. Miles Karson Junior is under investigation for criminal conduct but as of now no further details and no charges have been filed. The investigation was brought to light last week when Judge Thomas Dobson called multiple area lawyers into a meeting where he described the investigation to them. Karson is being investigated for a possible violation of the drug act, obstruction of justice, and an incident involving a woman in Sharon.


Former Student Sues Allegheny College

Erie, PA –

A former student of Allegheny College is suing over a sexual assault allegation. Last week the man who remains anonymous filed the suit against the school claiming he was discriminated against because of his gender when he was expelled without evidence against him. In the suit the plaintiff alleges that Allegheny’s policy is designed to favor the accusing female over the accused male and that the school refused to provide a copy of the complaint against him before expecting him to make an uninformed statement in his own defense. It goes on to state that the plaintiff was faced with a hearing that was ‘gendered biased, incomplete, fundamentally unfair’ and that they denied him any chance at a meaningful appeal of his expulsion.


Police Searching For Missing Vehicle

Crawford County, PA –

The Pennsylvania State Police are looking for a tan colored 2006 Subaru Outback with the license plate GWH9832. The car was last seen near Titusville and if you are aware of its location please call Meadville State Police at (814)332-6911.