Radio News for February 10, 2017

Judge Rules Former CLP Owner Cannot Have Park Back

Erie, PA –

A Federal Bankruptcy Judge in Erie has dismissed a claim by Garry Harris that he still owns Conneaut Lake Park. Harris gave the park to the Board of Trustees in 1997 and made his ownership claim last year. This was the fifth time Harris had attempted to regain control of the park and its land and the previous four had been dismissed by the Crawford County Court of Common Pleas.


Two Dead in Mercer County Collision

Grove City, PA –

Two are dead after icy roads caused an accident in Grove City. Samuel Moore’s vehicle slid into the opposite lane on North Liberty Road and collided head on with a truck, killing both himself and his wife Mary Moore. The State Police have not revealed whether the third motorist was wounded.


Man Dies After Being Shot by Deputy Sheriff 

Ashtabula County, OH –

Authorities have revealed the name of the man killed by an Ashtabula County Sheriff’s deputy on Wednesday. The Ashtabula Sheriff’s Department was called to investigate a disturbance in Geneva Township involving a man who would not leave another person’s property. Vincent Palma attacked the first deputy sheriff and did not relent even after the use of a taser and a baton, the deputy fired warning shots into the ground before he turned his weapon on Palma and shot him in self defense as a last means of escape. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations is now handling the inquiry.


Woman Killed by Salvation Army Drop off Box

Natalie, PA –

People die in strange ways all the time but Salvation Army Donation Box has to be rather unique. On Monday morning a woman in Northumberland County was stealing items out of the donation bin when her step ladder broke and left her trapped inside. Judith Permar became trapped in when the lid on the box slammed shut and trapped her arm which prevented her from escaping, she wasn’t found for approximately 6 hours.