Radio News for February 8th, 2017

Man Murders Roommate and Calls Police

Hermitage, PA –

After shooting his roommate to death on Monday Morning Dustin Nichols of Hermitage calmly called 911 and waited on the front porch for law enforcement arrive. Nichols’s roommate Olivia Gonzalez was 18 years old and reports about whether or not they were in a romantic relationship are unconfirmed but Cameron specifically called her his roommate in the call to police. He told dispatchers that he would be waiting on the front porch to surrender himself and was true to his word and the apprehension went without incident.

Nichols is being charged with first and third degree murder and has also received an unexplained charge of harming or killing an animal.


Family Escapes Home Destroying Fire Unharmed

Union Township, Crawford County, PA –

Nobody was harmed after a Monday night house fire in Crawford County. The Kebert family of Union Township barely had time to make it out and call for fire rescue after Mrs. Kebert was awoken by smoke and popping sounds in time to rouse her family. The Kebert household was equipped with fire and smoke alarms but they were not in working order. Smoke and fire alarms should be tested weekly to make sure they a functional and extra batteries should be on hand to replace old and dead ones, most fire commissions recommend changing batteries every six months.


Drug laced Green Suckers Perplex Police and Parents

Erie, PA –

Lab tests on green suckers which may have caused at least one Erie area teenager to overdose on some kind of drug have been inconclusive.Police so far have been unable to track down the origin of the candies nor what drug they may have been contaminated with.


Oil City Man Assaults own Grandfather

Oil City, PA –

A 24 year old Oil City man stands accused of punching his nearly 90 year old grandfather in the face last friday morning. While he was being detained by OCPD Kyle Dolan admitted to hitting his grandfather after getting into an argument over a firearm.