Radio News for February 3rd, 2017

Man Threatens Own Grandparents with Loaded Rifle

Springboro, PA –

A Springboro Man has been accused of pointing a loaded rifle at his grandparents in order to steal their vehicle on wednesday. Jeremy Pittsenbarger allegedly drove the stolen vehicle to his father’s house where he also broke in to steal a firearm before he was arrested by State Police. Unable to post bail he is lodged in Crawford County Jail.


Oil City’s New Fire Chief

Oil City, PA –

Oil City’s new fire chief will be Mark Hicks. Hicks is an 18 year veteran who held the rank of captain before he was recommended for the top job by outgoing fire chief Steve Hinds. The Oil City Council will officially be voting on Hicks as the fire chief on February 9th. Chief-to-be Hicks told local media that he didn’t plan to shake things up as fire chief and would continue to build on the work done by his predecessors to keep Oil City’s fire department a top-rate organization.


Student Arrested After Making Apparent Threat to Shoot Up High School

Farmington, PA – 

Donald Haywood Jr. has been arrested and charged with making terroristic threats and disorderly conduct after threatening to shoot up North Clarion High School. The 18 year old was overheard on wednesday telling another student not to go to school because he was going to “Shoot the place up.”

Haywood was arrested by State Police Troopers who searched his belongings for evidence but did not find any indications that he had planned to actually carry out an attack but the investigation continues. School Superintendent Steve Young said that the Police response was swift and appropriate and also mentioned that he the school had received several phone calls from concerned parents and had to assure them that everything was safe. As for Haywood he currently is lodged in Clarion County Jail after failing to make $10,000 in monetary bail.


Free Child Safety Seat Help in Corry

Corry, PA –

The Pennsylvania State Police in Corry are holding a free child safety seat checks tomorrow between 9am and noon. If you live in the Corry area you can schedule an appointment by calling (814)663-2043. Under Pennsylvania Law children under 4 years of age must be in a rear facing safety seat and children between 4 and 7 a front facing seat with a harness is necessary. Children up to 12 years old should be in a booster seat until they are big enough to fit properly in a standard seat belt.