Radio News for February 2nd, 2017

Police Warn About Drug Laced Suckers

Erie, PA –

Parents, especially if you live in or near the city of Erie, be on the lookout for green lollipops that police say are laced with a potentially dangerous drug. Yesterday a student at an Erie High School overdosed on the substance after eating one of the laced candies and a female student was caught with fifteen of them by one of Erie’s police officers but they have not revealed what schools those students attended. In photographs the candies were similar in appearance the popular Dum Dums brand suckers with clear plastic wrappers. If you encounter one of these suckers please inform the police.


Husband and Wife Charged with Separate but Unrelated Major Crimes

Leeper, PA –

William Carll of Leeper has been arrested and charged with Arson in relation to a 2015 fire that destroyed his family’s house and is wife Kimberly has been charged with stealing $170,000 from her husband’s business.

In June of 2015 the home of William and Kimberly Carll was all but destroyed in a fire that the Carll’s claimed started while they were away in Erie at the Casino. What was originally thought a tragedy became a suspicious event when State Troopers were unable to determine what started the fire a lengthy investigation eventually yielded evidence that the fire was intentionally set, including a text message exchange in which Kimberly staid William had set the fire intentionally. William Carll has been charged with felony arson and insurance fraud for destroying his home in an attempt to collect about $600,000 in insurance money.

In an entirely unrelated crime Kimberly Carll who is William’s Wife has also been charged with a felony for embezzling nearly $170,000 from her husband’s construction business. William Carl and Sons Inc. is co-owned by William and his Brother Doug while Kimberly handled the bookkeeping. It was discovered that Kimberly had directed funds from the company budget to personal banks accounts under her and her husband’s control and diverted to pay off credit card and other bills. Kimberly claimed she planned on paying it all back,


Game Commission Working on Semi-Automatic Weapon Regulations

The first steps toward using Semi-Automatic rifles and shotguns for hunting in Pennsylvania were taken Tuesday. The Board of Game Commissioners Unanimously voted to write up new guidelines for the use of such weapons provided they have only a five round capacity. The new planned regulations would also allow the use of air rifles for small game and fur animals but semi-automatic pistols would still be prohibited. The Commissioners Board will meet again on the matter in March.