Radio News for January 30th, 2017

Meadville Woman Injured When Car Hits Firetruck

Sugarcreek, PA –

Friday morning a Meadville Woman was hospitalized in Pittsburgh after a head on collision with a fire truck in Sugarcreek. Jackie Renfrew was unable to stop her Ford Pruis in time to avoid hitting a fire truck that was parked along the Meadville Pike road responding to a separate incident. She was taken to UMPC in Seneca and then transferred to Pittsburgh for further treatment; the extent of her injuries in unknown.


Cooperstown Man Receives Felony Charges for Comic Book Theft

Plum Township, Venango County, PA –

On January the 26th it is alleged Daniel Ford violated his parole to sneak into a relatives home to steal $40 worth of X-Men books. When interviewed by police Ford is said to have admitted to taking them sometime in the mid afternoon. Ford was denied any chance at bail because of a standing bench warrant from Crawford County involving a parole violation so he had his mother return the stolen property.


Titusville Based Company to Handle Oil City TV Channel

Oil City, PA –

Oil City has hired Lightning Strike Productions to run its television channel Public Education and Government Access (PEG). The company out of Titusville was picked over WREC TV after a recommendation from  Isaiah Dunham who is a member of the council and was a defacto one man committee regarding the hiring decision. The contract is still being negotiated between Lightning Strike and Oil City. Lightning Strike Productions is also known as Stream Media and produces the morning show on the ANTS Network.


Voodoo Brewery Finishes $1 Million Expansion

Meadville, PA –

In an invitation only event Meadville’s Voodoo Brewery recently unveiled their new million dollar production facility on Friday night. The new property located on Bessemer Street in Meadville is a dedicated beer brewing facility that has the capacity to produce 10 times as much as their original facility located in their first restaurant. With the new building located on the grounds of the old 84 Lumber Store the company is capable of producing as many as 30,000 barrels of their unique craft beers every year; a massive increase from the 3,000 they produced in 2016. With this new increase in production they hope to expand to into new markets outside of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Ohio.