Reno’s Rant: What’s Reno Listening To?

So I’ve been listening to a lot of Sixx A.M. lately. I mean A LOT!!! Had always liked what I had heard from them but never really delved into their growing library. I had been listening to the Prayers For The Damned album quite a bit last year and earlier this week I decided to check out the rest of their album. With the exception of a few songs off the Heroin Diaries album, there is not a song that I don’t like from these guys. Probably the only reason a few song off Heroin Diaries aren’t my cup of tea is because it’s more of a concept album and I just couldn’t relate.

Sixx A.M.’s sophomore album, This Is Going To Hurt is great. They kept getting better with Modern Vintage and 2016’s Prayers For The Damned was amazing with a companion album Prayers for the Blessed that cam out in late 2016.

To me Sixx A.M. is a band that just gets better with every album. They have the musicianship and melodies to please Nikki’s Motley Crue fan base while still being current enough to please the current generation of hard rockers. For my money Sixx A.M. is one of the best bands out there today! Check them out! Attached is one of may favs off of Modern Vintage called Stars…hope you enjoy!!!

Until next time…Cheers!


Sixx A.M. - Stars